Titanium: strong hearted; strong
After eight years of ongoing battles between relationships, love and war, Violet and Luke are back. Changes have been made to their life, people have been added, mistakes have happened and love has changed. They have changed. But with every battle they fight and with every obstacle they are thrown into, they become titanium.


13. Chapter Thirteen

For this chapter, listen to Stone Cold by Demi Lovato.

Luke's POV

I sat next to Jenna in the waiting room of the hospital as we all waited for results of what happened with Violet. My best friend almost died on my floor and I dropped to the ground in pain with her. And my girlfriend did absolutely nothing. Nothing to save her.

"What happened to her, Leo?" Mr. Carson asked, keeping his hand on his wife's knee.

"We were training and she was hurting and I guess we trained too hard. She was fine before we left the house. I went to confront Luke about... stuff and she started bleeding out again. She would've been fine if Ms. All-I-Care-About-Is-My-Dick-of-A-Boyfriend," Leo replied.

"Hey, I tried to call for help,"

"You called one of your friends! That isn't help! That's you being selfish. Admit it, Chloe, you want Violet out of the picture because she's holding Luke back. We all see it, hell, even his mum sees it. You are a selfish bitch, Chloe,"

"That's enough," Mr. Carson said. Chloe looked to me pleading for help. But if there's one thing I know about Leo, is you don't stop him when he's on a rant.

"No, it's not enough. Violet's right. After everything that's happened in the past, you would think you all would give her a little break, a little sympathy towards her emotions, the way she is. But you never do, you never ask her anything. You assume and you act. But what about her? She's human, you know? She has emotions and feelings and she bleeds like I bleed, like humans are supposed to. She shouldn't have to feel like she doesn't have a choice. She shouldn't have to go back to Luke every single damn time they fight, she shouldn't have to worry about getting bullied in her twenties by the girl who's going to marry her so-called best friend. And she shouldn't have to worry about her parents kicking her out because she tried to save her own life. It's sickening and it's disgusting. You all tear her down until she feels like she's absolutely nothing and I won't sit here and watch it."

"What was he talking about with you?" I asked, turning to Chloe.

"I don't know, it's no secret he hates me, probably making up lies,"

"If I know anything about Leo, it's that he never lies during his rants. Luckily for you, Violet is having an affect on me and I'm too weak to fight with you," she looked down and nodded.

"Family of Violet Carson-Damon," we all really stood up, everyone but Chloe and Jenna.

"You must be the parents?" John and Jackie nodded. "There were... complications in surgery," the doctor whispered.

"What kind of complications?" Jackie asked, biting her nails.

"Losing her in and out. She lost a lot of blood, I will say that. And she had a scar already which was unsealed and that caused a major delay in the surgery. There were lots of bruises and fractures on her body and bones. Just to make things clearer, she has a couple fractured bones, some fractured ribs and a badly bruised back. But it's nothing that can't be healed. However, with the amount of blood she lost, she will be weak these next couple of days and she may become weaker than ever but it's just her body repairing itself."

"How is she now?"

"She's in a regular room right now resting. She has been in and out of consciousness, nothing to be worried about. She knows where she is and what happened. Ma'am, Sir, you're daughter is one hell of a fighter. With everything that was going on in her body and all the scars that unsealed, she should be dead right now but she was fighting for her life and she never let go," John and Jackie both nodded and sat back in their seats.

"Is there a Luke in this group?" The doctor asked. I stepped forward and nodded.


"She made one thing clear and that was, you're the only person she wants to see right now," I nodded and followed him, leaving my parents, Violet's parents and Chloe alone.

"She should be awake right now, the nurses are giving her pain medication," just great, more affects. The last thing I need is to be high.

"She's a tough one, good luck getting through to her," the nurse said, patting my shoulder. Trust me, it's hard.

"It's not that hard," Violet whispered, sitting up.

"Stay there," I said, sitting in the chair next to her.

"So, how are you feeling?" She asked.

"Me? How about you? You're the one that almost died,"

"And you would've died with me. How are you feeling?" She repeated.

"Weak and... numb. Can't wait to get high now," she smiled and looked away from me.

"Look, I'm, um, I'm sorry for leaving. It's just, when you're put in the situation I was put in, you'd do the same thing I did. I had to get out of the house, Luke. I was afraid of going back to the old me and I worked so hard to revive myself, to fix myself. And I did and going back to that would be horrible."

"I understand,"

"No, you don't. I did what I had to do because of Ryan. I told you, he always comes first in my heart. He is my son and he is mine and I need to put him first before anyone else. And he is not ending up like James. I did what I had to do for him, Luke."

"I know,"

"Then why do I feel like a knife is twisting my heart right now?"

"What did Chloe say to you?" Violet looked at me.


"When you put your suit on. What did she say?"

"Luke, it's not important,"

"It is. If she said something to you, you need to tell me. I'm torn right now between what I want. I'm torn from you and Chloe."

"I... she didn't say anything,"

"Holy lies," she smiled. "Please, tell me,"

"What did Leo say when he ranted?"

"Stuff like how we should give you a little sympathy and go even on you. How you shouldn't have to feel obligated to come running back to me after we fight. How you shouldn't be getting bullied in your twenties by the woman who's going to marry me. How you shouldn't have to worry about getting kicked out because you were saving yourself. How you're human and you have emotions. And how we all, Chloe included, tear you down until you feel like you're nothing," Violet looked up at the small T.V hanging on the wall. "Is all of that true?" She nodded.

"I said those things to Leo last night when he was helping me clean myself up, before he, you know, held you to a wall." I nodded.

"Luke, please don't get rid of Chloe because of me, I never wanted that for you. I want you to be happy and she makes you happy. She makes you feel things no other girl would ever make you feel. She makes you have happy thoughts and have amazing dreams. Don't get rid of that because of me. I've done way too many things to you in the past and you deserve to be happy."

"But you're not happy. And if you're not happy, I'm not happy. Literally,"

"Luke, I am so happy. I'm living the dream right now, I have Ryan who's amazing and that's all I need. No, it's not exactly how I planned it, but it's okay. And I'm happy for you. Happy you finally found someone you love. Do I understand why you chose her over me? Not exactly, but it's okay because I'm happy and so are you,"

"You shouldn't be talking about this right now, you should be relaxing and not... thinking," she sighed and leaned her head into the pillow. "Get some rest. Maybe I'll see you in the morning,"

She nodded, "Luke, don't end things with Chloe." I nodded.

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