Titanium: strong hearted; strong
After eight years of ongoing battles between relationships, love and war, Violet and Luke are back. Changes have been made to their life, people have been added, mistakes have happened and love has changed. They have changed. But with every battle they fight and with every obstacle they are thrown into, they become titanium.


10. Chapter Ten

"Is anybody home?" I asked as Andrew looked out the side window in the living room.

"Not that I see, there's no cars."

"Mum must be at work," I whispered, picking at my chapped lips.

"Let's go get your things. At least the clothes for now. Chloe is going to get jealous of you wearing Luke's clothes," he said jokingly but I could hear the seriousness in his tone. She will get jealous because, like she once said, I'm Luke's ex girlfriend. And apparently, I want him back. Don't get wrong, I still love Luke and yeah, if he asked me out I wouldn't hesitate to say yes. But I'm not desperate. I won't jump on him like a dog when meeting new people. I'm not like that and even if I was, he's going to be a married man and I can't get in the way of that.

I opened the front door to my parent's home and sighed as the familiar vanilla scent filled my nostrils. The scent I became to love. The scent that soothes me whenever I'm in a mood. I was the original one to start with the vanilla candles. Every year in primary school we would have a Mother's Day and a Christmas shop where we would buy things. Candles were mum's favorite things, so Dad would say and I would buy her the candles hoping she would come home. I guess it stuck with me because still, to this day, I buy her candles every year. The same vanilla scented.

"I'll be down in a couple minutes," I said, stepping on the first step.

"Take your time," Andrew reassured, waving his hand at me. I nodded and continued up the stairs. Lining the banisters were pictures on both sides of the walls, pictures of Leo and I, just me, just Leo. Pictures of our pictures since almost kindergarten up until our last year in school. Then there were pictures of Jenna from kindergarten until now and lastly, family pictures. Most of them were just of Leo, Dad, and I, some when Leo and I were just babies, some on a cruise we took with the Hemmings and others were just plain pictures we took on family holidays.

I opened my drawers and rummaged through them, pulling out every article of clothing in them and throwing them on the floor. I walked to the closet, careful not to step on the clothes and grabbed the suitcase that stood up right. I looked to the left of the closet and sitting on a hook was a black leather jump suit with a V on the right upper hand corner. My mission suit. Still intact and still in the same place as I left it. I grabbed it off the hanger and threw it in the suitcase along with other clothes.

"Is she here?" I looked down the stairs with wide eyes. No one was supposed to be here right now. I don't want to see anyone right now.

"She's packing her things. You know, Jackie, it was wrong with what you did," Andrew replied.

"It was wrong? My brother is one of the most dangerous men out in our world right now and my oldest daughter is meeting up with him? I can't risk my life anymore. I was hidden once and I won't be hidden again,"

"She's your daughter, Jack,"

"And she's a savior, Andy."

"And that makes it worse. What you did, Jackie, it threw her emotions all over the place. I found her in the park, freezing cold with that baby in her arms. She had nowhere to go and you should feel responsible for it. She needed her mother, and you weren't there for her. She needed you to tell her it was okay and you stood on the sidelines. You should be there for her in times like this,"

"Do not tell me how to raise my daughter."

"You didn't raise her! John raised her! Just like Liz raised the boys! Liz was the only woman in her life for seventeen years! Seventeen years, Jackie. John and Liz raised the boys and Violet."

"I'm ready," I said, dropping the bag I have for Ryan on the floor. Andrew picked the bag up for me and carried it with him.

"Violet," I turned around towards my mom, waiting and hoping she would apologize. "You forgot the pacifier,"

I scoffed, "go to hell, mum."

I looked in the full length mirror in the guest bedroom and rubbed my hands over the leather jump suit. Being in this makes me feel... like me. Makes me feel like I have something in my life that I can go to.

"Hey... oh, um, sorry," I turned to the door and smiled as my earrings dangled.

"It still fits. I didn't think it would after my pregnancy but I was wrong."

"Can we talk?" Chloe asked. I nodded and took a seat on the bed.

"Listen, I know you're going through a lot lately and I, well, I want you to know Luke loves me and I don't want him to change his mind about us. He always says you come first and I understand that but you need to know he's mine now and I won't let anything stand in my way,"

"Chloe, I see the way Luke looks at you and he loves you. That's fine. You can have him. I have Ryan and that's all I need. I don't need Luke or anyone else to make me feel happy. But you need to understand Luke and I were destined for each other. No matter how many times we tell each other we don't love each each other, we'll always end up together in the end. That's why whenever I have a fight with him, he comes back or I come to terms. It's who we are and it's what we are."

She nodded and stood up. "Oh, and take off the suit. It's a little tight on you. Shows your baby belly you still have. I would work on that too," I nodded and unzipped the zipper.

"Mum said dinner is ready in ten," Luke said, walking into the guest room. The amount of times Luke and I seen each other half naked, it doesn't phase us anymore. That's what happens when you grow up together and when we get into situations like we've gotten into. He's stitched me up when I got shot, he's changed me out of my clothes when I've had too much to drink, he's taken me out of the bathtub when I was in my... moods.

"Do I still have my baby belly?" I asked, looking down to my stomach.

"Um, no. Why?"

"Are you lying? I feel like you're lying. Is it obvious I've had a baby in my suit?"

"I mean, I know you had a baby so to me, yeah, it's obvious but to anyone else, no. You look exactly the way you were before."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Violet. Now, you know how mum gets so be downstairs for dinner," I nodded and struggled to take the suit off.

"let me help," Luke said, walking to me. He stood behind me and unzipped my suit, all the way from the back of my neck to the bottom of my back.

"Since when did you get a tattoo back here?"

"After things happened."

"What does it mean?" He asked, touching the Chinese symbols on my back.

"Stay Strong," I replied, turning to him. I slid the suit down my arms and stepped out of it.

"Why didn't I see these before?" He asked as more tattoos came into his view.

"You never payed attention."

"What do they mean?" He asked, running his hands over more Chinese symbols.

"Hope," I said, pointing to the tattoo on the bottom of my stomach.


"Strength," I whispered, pointing to the one on my side. "I had myself closed off to you at the time so you couldn't feel it. Guess I didn't want you to find me," I whispered.

"At the end of the day, I'll always find you." I nodded and pulled my shirt over my head and slid sweatpants over my legs, covering my tattoos.

"Dinner," he whispered.

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