Titanium: strong hearted; strong
After eight years of ongoing battles between relationships, love and war, Violet and Luke are back. Changes have been made to their life, people have been added, mistakes have happened and love has changed. They have changed. But with every battle they fight and with every obstacle they are thrown into, they become titanium.


7. Chapter Seven

Happy Valentine's Day, lovelies! A special chapter for you all!

"Dad, come on. It's Valentine's Day, can't we have a little break?"

"There are no breaks in this world, Violet. You know this,"

"I know it's just... I have somewhere to be in an hour. And I really don't feel like being all bruised when I go,"

"A date?" I nodded.

"With who?"

"Dad, come on. I'm not a little girl anymore."

"I'm still your dad, I should know who you're going out with and where, and if you don't tell me, I'll just crack into Luke,"

"Oh, no you will not. You are not to go anywhere near Luke at all today. He's having a nice day with Chloe today and you are not to ruin that,"

"I'm your father,"

"And I'm twenty three. Dad, come on."

"Alright, fine. I have to wow your mother anyways. And training you isn't wowing her very much,"

"You do that, but dad... no more kids, yeah?"

"Don't worry, made that mistake once before. And you too, baby. No more babies,"

"Oh, trust me, no more."

I watched as the door opened and closed and watched as my "date" walked over to my table. Inside here, the cafe, there's people around, witnesses, it's public.

"Violet, lovely to see you,"

"Thanks for meeting me. Look, I'm risking a lot being here right now and I could get in serious trouble by my mum but we need to talk,"

"It's the least I can give you considering you won't be home anymore, he pulled his pants up and sat in the seat across of me.

"Listen, Xander, may I call you Xander? Or is it Uncle Xander?" He nodded.

"I have a baby and he's just born. Any mother my age would want to stay with their baby, especially since-"

"Since Luke Hemmings isn't the father of that baby," I looked at him.

"Please, you have the same heartbeat your mother had and when I listened to your baby's heart, I didn't hear Mr. Hemmings' heartbeat. In fact, another one was overpowering yours in him. I figured it out. And I'm not happy about it,"

"Any mother would do whatever it takes to protect their child, Xander. You would know that, right?" He looked at me with evil eyes.

"Oh, I did my research. I went through my mum's old files, pictures, journals. I went through my grandmothers pictures and letters she got from you. All the apology letters and the pictures of a baby, which was not you. Come to find out, you, yourself, a savior had a baby with your best friends' sister when you were my age. Halle, was her name. And you did everything in your power to protect her, until it wasn't enough and the council, who you're involved with now, found out about it and had you taken away from her. You had full custody over her and she had to live with her mother. And you made a deal with the council to join them if you were allowed to see her every month,"

"Good for you, you know who I am. Don't forget who I am to you, though."

"Family, a traitor, a nemesis, a monster?" He nodded and slid his chair back.

"Sit down. You may be in the council but I can guarantee I'm much stronger than you will ever be. I can bring this place down to shreds in point two seconds, so if you really want to stay on my good side, I'd sit down and listen to me. For Halle's sake."

"You have me, what do you want?"

"I want you to listen to me. I'm not heard very much at home and I want you to hear me out,"

"If it's about you going away, I'm leaving."

"Please, don't go. Listen, you made your own sister go away just hours after she gave birth to Leo and I. You didn't give her a chance to explain anything to you. You took her and left. I don't want that, so, please, listen to me," he sighed but nodded.

"Ryan, my baby, he was a mistake. Luke and I dated in the past and it didn't work out - at all. We would get into fights and we, I, would get my heart broken. I was in therapy for it, rehab, I was sent to London for a year and a half to get myself together. The things that lead up to that? I overdosed on cough syrup, took too many of my mum's pills, had too much to drink one night and passed out, got too skinny to handle things, had a bad relationship. And I was broken. Luke and I, we aren't meant to be. We aren't destined. We can't be together because bad things happen.

"We tried it again when we were older, the dating part and I fell pregnant. He cheated on me and I... I lost it. I overdosed, once again and the baby died. I almost died, in fact, I stopped breathing. And so did Luke. When we date, we hurt each other. We don't care about our, whatever it is, we only care about ourselves and bad things happen to us when that happens.

"I truly loved James, Ryan's father. He was a good man, always treated me good and always respected me. But he didn't want a baby. He got arrested when I was six months pregnant. Luke wasn't lying when he said he was Ryan's father,"

"So, Luke's DNA is coursing through that child's veins?"

"No, b-"

"There are no buts in this situation. I'll have you arranged to be hidden," he stood up and pushed his chair in.

"Sit down!" The glass on the table across from us shattered and so did all the other glasses. The TV that hung on the back wooden wall fell off and pictures that hung on the wooden wall around us, fell onto the floor, shattering any glass protecting it. Xander grabbed ahold of his chair and sat back down. My mouth fell agape. I can't believe it. I scared this man. The man who works in the council feels threatened by me.

"Luke isn't by law Ryan's father but as far as I'm concerned, that child is growing up with a father in his life and Luke is the best shot I have. Ryan is a savior, so my mum says. What else do you need? No, Luke isn't the father but he has my blood, my DNA coursing through his body, he has my gift in him. Isn't that enough?"

"I'll come by within the next week to check this out myself. As for today goes, you do not breathe a single word about Halle or else I'll make your life and your son's life a living hell. Do you understand me?"

"Pleasure doing business with you,"

"You're a sneaky little bitch, Violet," Luke said, closing the door to my bedroom.

"Did you just call me a bitch?"

"You know, I have this amazing day today, I took Chloe out to the woods-"

"Did you kill her?"


"Sorry, continue,"

"We had a nice lunch and a nice day today. And then, it all gets ruined when I have the thoughts in my head. Your thoughts. And then, it occurred to me. Your date you had today, the date which you only told your dad about. You know, he made me break into your thoughts. It wasn't pleasant,"

"Bastard," I whispered.

"No, you're the bastard. You went to see Xander when he could've taken you away right there and no one would know where you went to. He could've killed you."

"I got myself out of trouble, Luke. I'm not going away,"

"You're ridiculous, Violet."

"I was out saving my ass trying not to get taken away from my baby, who isn't even old enough to go outside yet, and you're having a picnic with your girlfriend! Look in the mirror, Luke. You're the ridiculous one!"

"I'm trying to make a life for myself! I'm trying to be happy!"

"She's not the one for you!" I yelled. The walls shook slightly, not too much force on them though. All my juice was used up during my fiasco with Xander in the cafe and fighting with Luke is making things worse. Making my breath quicken, my heart beat faster, my head spin, my legs weaken.

"I proposed to her, Violet. We're engaged," I took a step back from him, shocked by the news. It felt as if the room was spinning and I was stood in place with my feet cemented on the ground. I closed my eyes tightly as every single memory of Luke and I came flooding into my mind, cutting off every single thought I have to Luke. I closed myself off. Again. I felt as if my life was flashing before my eyes as the memories played in my head. The beach, the rock, our place, the girlfriend, my boyfriend, fist kiss, first friend, first fight, last fight. Every single memory and detail evaded my mind.

I saw Luke's lips move to what looked like my name but I couldn't be so sure. My sound was cut off and my ears burned, as if they were actually on fire. My throat closed up and my heart raced, each best faster each time. The room continued to spin until I saw black, a dark abyss. Nothing.

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