Titanium: strong hearted; strong
After eight years of ongoing battles between relationships, love and war, Violet and Luke are back. Changes have been made to their life, people have been added, mistakes have happened and love has changed. They have changed. But with every battle they fight and with every obstacle they are thrown into, they become titanium.


1. Chapter One

So, before I start, I want to explain why it took so damn long to start this sequel! So, for starters, welcome back to Luke and Violet's life! And for those of you who are just starting to read this, welcome! I was holding back on this book for almost a year to two years, because I wasn't sure how I would find the time and energy to write another. I also didn't know how I would start it, where I would start it or what the name would be. But I closed my eyes literally, one hour ago and it just came to me.

So the name of the book. Why is it called Titanium? It's called that because I decided to look back at everything Luke and Violet have been through and how many times they've got knocked down. But all of those times, they've gotten back up. So, I see Titanium as something so strong that it holds itself up and continues to do it for so long; forever. And obviously, the song Titanium by Sia is the theme for this book, so if you haven't heard that yet, I would go ahead and listen to that.

As you'll notice in this book that you haven't noticed in the first book, my writing is much more mature and much more understandable, especially with whose speaking.

Usually when writing a new book, I don't publish it until a couple chapters in, but I decided to publish this one now because so many of you have been asking about a sequel! I just want you all to know updating will not be everyday on this book, probably once every week. That is because of school and school work. Like all the many times I've said this, my school work does come first as well as my education. I may want to go to college for writing, but I need my education on the logistics. So, homework is piling up as well as studying. I just need all of you to be patient and understanding with me right now. Alright, so, I don't know when the next update will be, but yeah!! I really hope you all enjoy this first chapter! ❤️

"Violet, meet your baby boy," the nurse smiled, lowering the screaming creature into my sweaty, weak arms.

"Your name is Ryan, baby. Ryan John Carson," I whispered as I stared down at this blessing in my arms. "Welcome to the world, Ryan." The nurses smiled as they gathered their things before leaving me alone with my family. For years I've been trying to get pregnant, months on end, and when it finally happened.... it was just amazing. It was breathtaking. My whole life I've been told, "you can only have children with a savior," "it goes against the rules," well, here I am, nine months later, with a child in my arms and it's not a savior's baby.

Although James is currently in Jail and can ever see Ryan, nor do I want him to see my baby, it just feels great to be a mother. Yes, James is Ryan's father, unfortunately.

After high school, James got better, he got a therapist, a job and a life. He wanted me back and he did everything in his power to get me back; calling me beautiful, taking me out on dates, even letting me go on missions with Luke. One thing led to another, and we started dating again.

About a year into our relationship; last year, I found out about my pregnancy. I was shocked to say the least, shocked that things were actually turning out for the better. I had a boyfriend who loved me, an apartment across town, taking online classes at Uni, everything was great, normal almost.

It wasn't until I told James I was pregnant things went downhill. He didn't want a baby, especially because he was struggling with money. He didn't want to be a father because he just simply wasn't ready. But who was? So, James turned to the worst thing possible; drugs. Selling and using. He wanted to make money to give me for child support and he figured it was the only way. I didn't find out about this drug money until he was arrested about a month ago, getting caught in the act of selling by yours truly.

It becomes extremely weird when your boyfriend comes home with a wad of cash in his pocket and gives it all to you for child support and then the next week, does the same thing. I had my suspicions so I called in a friend. And sure enough, the charges came; charge after charge after charge. Counted for selling drugs. Counted for using drugs. Counted for endangerment to others. Counted for stealing. Counted for robbing. And now, he's in jail for a while with no source of contact from myself, my family, his son nor Luke.

"How's Luke?" I finally asked, looking up at my family who stood above me with all smiles on their faces.

"Thanks to your mum, he's good," my dad replied. Due to this... stupid gift or as I call it, curse, Luke and I have, he couldn't be here for the birth. Instead, he laid on the hospital bed in the room next to me, feeling every single pain, twinge, tick, throb, pound that I felt.

"And how about what's her face?"

"Chloe?" Mrs. Hemmings asked.


"She's good. I think she's sitting in the room with him as we speak." After I got back together with James, Luke got back together with Chloe. Which, I'm fine with. Chloe had always been a competition to me, especially because of her looks. She's drop dead gorgeous, everything a guy wants. But Luke had made it clear to myself and Chloe that he will put me first before her, because if something happens to me, it happens to him.

Telling Luke about my pregnancy was something I hadn't planned on doing, but events piled up and so did missions and doing everything we were doing in training and missions wasn't made for pregnant women. So, I was forced to tell Luke, which he handled extremely well.

I feel as if he forgot that I was pregnant for a while, until James got arrested. After that, he came into full swing and started helping me out and started helping me plan and get ready.

"So, what's your next move, Vi?" Leo asked, sitting next to me on the hospital bed.

"Take Ryan home tomorrow and start my life as a normal single mother."

"You know it's not going to be normal, right?"

"I know, but a girl can dream. I mean, why would I even think this will be normal? He's the son of a freaking savior. He's going to be talked about and known all around and everyone will be waiting for him. Enemies will come in. Lily will come in,"

"Hey," Luke whispered, walking into the room as if he wasn't just in pain, like, ten minutes ago. Hell, I'm still in pain.

"Hi," I smiled, sitting up higher, still holding the baby in my arms.

"Damn, he looks like James," Luke said as he looked down at Ryan.

"It's sickening. I'm going to have to see that damned face in him everyday,"

"But look at what you got out of it." I smiled and nodded. Luke and I dated for a short period, maybe six months, and in those six months, we thought we were madly in love. But, unfortunately, we found out the hard way we weren't. Mostly by Luke finding another girl while in a relationship with me. Obviously, that caused a bump in what we do because of that trust and love gone but I feel like we got over it, especially after I started dating James.

"I'm really happy for you, Vi." Luke smiled.

"Thanks. But I'm nervous for myself,"


"I'm a single mother who isn't normal and I just gave birth to the first born son of a savior. I'm only hoping this stupid curse skipped a generation and he becomes a normal child growing up in a normal world."

"You're going to be a great mum, Vi. Everyone can see it. And you have so many people here for you. You have your mum, dad, Jen, Leo and you have me." Jen. My little eight year old sister. And a pain in my ass. She is the definition of a devil; stealing my things, hacking into my phone, stealing my money, taking my old clothes in my room, sleeping in my old bed, taking my personal things. Basically what every sister would do to their older sibling. She may be only eight, but she is one smart cookie.

"So, when are you gonna retire?" Jessica asked. Jessica. My literal best friend since I started online classes. She lived in Kansas in America and moved here for Uni when I started online classes. We actually met about three year ago in Starbucks by my apartment and we just hit it off. About a month into knowing her, I told her what I am and who I am and she thought I was kidding at first but when Luke showed up to the same place we were at, ironically, a restaurant, I took my action. I told her to look over to the kid with the now dark brown hair in the corner and to see what he does when I hurt a part of my body. I pinched myself about seven times, extremely hard, to the point where it drew blood and she just started in shock as the guy she watched looked up quickly and started holding his arm. Since that day, she's believed me.

"That's the thing; there is no retirement. Kids, family, school, doesn't matter. Nothing gets in the way of this curse."

"Visiting hours are over, I'm sorry," Nurse Alex informed, walking into the delivery room. She took Ryan from my arms and put him in his small wheeling "crib".

"Tomorrow before you leave, we'll attempt feeding and see if he's ready."

"Oh, I was planning on using formula." I have to use formula. With the job I have and the chemicals, dust and particles I inhale and probably eat, I can't put my baby at risk of having an infection or something worse because of it.

"We still have to find out if he's ready to suck. We'll explain the whole process tomorrow. You just need to rest, alright?"

I nodded and turned to Luke by my side. "I'll stay tonight so you can rest, okay? If he ends up waking up, I'll handle it."

"Thank you," I smiled.

"Anything that affects you, affects me." And that's how these last few years have been. Anything that affects me, affects him. Welcome to my crazy life of being Violet Damon.

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