Titanium: strong hearted; strong
After eight years of ongoing battles between relationships, love and war, Violet and Luke are back. Changes have been made to their life, people have been added, mistakes have happened and love has changed. They have changed. But with every battle they fight and with every obstacle they are thrown into, they become titanium.


4. Chapter Four

I stood outside with my dad and Leo, watching as they set up obstacles around the yard. I know I said I would train, but I didn't think this soon. I would've thought like a couple days from now, but not a day after I said something.

"Violet, you have to concentrate on what we're saying. One little thing you miss, you could actually blow this place up," my dad said.

"She can!? Can she do it?" Leo asked. My dad huffed and smacked Leo beside the head. "Ow,"

"Where's Jen?"

"You need to let that go, Violet. It's either she finds out or she doesn't."

"Dad, where is she. If she's here, I'm not training today,"

"Yes you are." I turned to the voice coming from the opposite side of the yard and groaned.

"Really? Do you need backup or something?" I asked, walking to my dad.

"Look, I knew you would stall because you think not doing this is the best for Ryan, but doing this is not only helping you, but it's helping him. Because Violet, once the council find out about Ryan, no matter who's on that council, they will do something about it."

"Then I'll lie and say it's Luke's."

"You can't do that."

"And why not? If he's anything like me, then he'll be a savior. So why should it matter? I'm a savior and mom had me with you. Why should it matter?"

"Because once you're destined with someone, Violet, there is no going to someone else. I'm not sure how Ryan survived at all, actually and I'm not sure why the council haven't come here yet to see what's going on. But you and Luke were destined for each other and you both went against that."

"John!" My mum yelled, running outside. "John, they're here. They found out."

"Stop trying to scare me, guys. You want me to train, I'll train."

"I'm not playing games, Violet. The council is here."

"Alright, kids, you all go ahead inside and stay clear of what's going on out here. Violet, Jenna is in her room. I need you to get her and bring her in our room, got it? Get Ryan and go in there too."

After gathering everyone I needed to, Luke, Leo and I stood at the window attempting to listen to the conversation going on in the backyard. Luke held onto my shoulders, trying to get a look, while Leo had his arm around my waist, keeping me standing upright.

"Xander, you can't just come in here and expect me to tell you things when I have no idea what you're talking about," my mum said. Thank goodness for my hearing, something I get from my mum. She could hear a damn cotton ball drop on the floor and would ask what was the noise.

"I only come for something I seek, Jacquelyn."

"You're seeking nothing. Maybe only a hateful threat from me but that's all you're getting."

"Why do you have me, sister?" I would've never thought this man, my uncle, the one my grandmother called a devil, to be so... proper.

"First of all, you killed our mother,"

"She was a weakling. It was bound to happen."

"We were seventeen!"

"Boring. Go on."

"You sent me away from my newborn twins, leaving John to fend on his own with them and raise them on his own."

"You went against rules, Jacquelyn, what did you want me to do?"

"Let me stay with my first kids, Xander!"

"I'm not playing this game. Where'd Violet, and don't you dare lie to me. I know you're a terrible lier."

"Stay here and watch them," I said, moving from my spot by the window.

"Where are you going?" Luke asked.

"Saving my mum's ass."

"Violet don't do it!" Leo yelled. I shook my head and ran out the bedroom door. The amount of times my mum and dad saved me... I could do one thing for them. Just one thing. Even if it takes me away from Ryan, I'll still be able to say I saved my family from being hurt.

"So, you're the man I get to call Uncle?" I asked, walking into the backyard. Mum looked up to the bedroom and shook her head with a stern look.

"There's more of them upstairs. Search the house."

"No!" Mum yelled.

"Stop, mum. Let them do it." Dad looked like he was going to be sick and mum, well she looked like she was going to kill me once these guys were gone, if Xander doesn't kill me before that.

"Oh, look at the baby." Xander said, as the men who went searching came back into the yard with the group from upstairs. Luke came to stand next to me with Ryan in his arms and a stern look on his face.

'You know we have to say he's ours'

'Anything to get you out of this' Luke replied, keeping his eyes and body straight ahead.

"Can I see the baby?" Xander asked. I carried Ryan over to his arms and let this man whom I call an Uncle hold him.

"I remember the day you were a pleasant guy, Xander."

"I remember the day you were a troublemaker, Jacquelyn. Times change, don't they? No longer a cheater? Kids changed your life around I guess?" Mum looked down. Mum? A troublemaker?

"Hm, and who's baby is this?"

"Mine," I replied, stepping forward.

"And when was he conceived?"

"You expect me to answer that?"

"Answer the question, Violet," dad said.

"Exact date, time, when, where, details," I smirked.

"Date, when and where."

"The date was August third in a gas station bathroom on the way to Melbourne. Fun times, if you could imagine. A great place to conceive a baby, right? I know. I said the same thing."

"And where's the father of this child?"

"Right here," Luke stepped forward. Mum choked and coughed, trying to cover up the shock.

"Proof this baby is yours?"

"Nope. Just his own flesh and blood. He looks like my dad, doesn't he? Same face, nose and everything. Crazy, right?"

"Hm, yes. Well, dear sister, if I find out this family is lying, well," he chuckled, "there will be many consequences. On Violet and this... whoever you are."

"Luke Hemmings."

"Oh, wow. Isn't that your destined husband, Jackie? How shocking."

"Leave my house, Xander. Let my daughter be with her child. Something you never gave me. Or our mother."

"As you wish. I'll be back."

"Do you two have any idea what you just did?! You just lied to the council about that baby! Do you know what this means?! Do you know how serious this is!?" Mum yelled, pacing the floor.

"Mum, calm down."

"Calm down!? You lied, Violet! The consequences is death! Not going away, but death!"

"Mum, I'm not dying and I'm not going anywhere. I got myself in this and I can get myself out of it."

"And what about you? What do you have to say for yourself?" She asked, turning to Luke.

"I'm not apologizing for helping Violet out. Yeah, we lied, so what? I know my dad did the same for you when you were younger."

"That's not the point, Luke. You lied."

"And so did you! You said you didn't know anything, mum!"

"Both of you, I want you both to go upstairs and to think about what you both just did."

"We're not Seven anymore, mum!"

"Then stop acting like you are and start acting like an adult!"

I slammed my bedroom door shut and laid on my bed next to Luke. He laid his hands on top of my stomach and I put my head in his chest. "You know what we have to do, right?" He asked.





"And don't fall down."

"We have to be strong, Violet. You have to be strong."

"I know. Even if that means going back on missions and training until my head is pounding or until I pass out, I'll do it. My priority is to keep Ryan safe and alive. He can't end up like James did."

"You think I would let that happen? If anything happened to you, I would take him and raise him."

"Don't fall down, right?"


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