Titanium: strong hearted; strong
After eight years of ongoing battles between relationships, love and war, Violet and Luke are back. Changes have been made to their life, people have been added, mistakes have happened and love has changed. They have changed. But with every battle they fight and with every obstacle they are thrown into, they become titanium.


8. Chapter Eight

Luke's POV

"Get the hell off my property,"

"Mr. Carson, please. Just let me talk to her."

"I won't say it again." I nodded and stepped down the small step leading to the pathway in the front yard.

"Luke," I turned around quickly, hoping he would change his mind. "Tell your mother to stop calling me. We don't want to talk to you or your family," I nodded and continued to the house next door. Ever since Violet passed out, I've been blocked, kicked out, pushed and almost arrested. All in one week. I didn't think she would react that way, especially close herself off to me.

"Well?" Mum asked as I shut the door to the house.

"He said to stop calling him," I replied.

"I'm sorry, baby. I know how much she means to you," she sighed, pulling me down to the couch.

"I don't know what to do, mum. It's like... no matter who I love I always end up hurting someone. I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't."

"Maybe you should give Violet some space. If she wants to see you, she will. And if she doesn't, you can't push her."

"I can't just sit here and do nothing, mum. I need to do something about this." It is my fault.

"You have to respect John and Jackie's wishes and especially Violet's. This emotional state of hers is always present during theses times, just give her space for her to calm down and for her to not blow you up. And frankly, I don't want you to be blown up,"

"Respect goes both ways, mum." She sighed and turned her back towards me and walked off into the kitchen.

"She closed herself off to me, mum. I can't get in touch with her, in any way. I can't talk to her, feel her, hear her. Nothing,"

"She can't do that," she whispered.

"She can and she has. Twice."

"Stay here, alright? Do not go to that house, do you understand me?"

"What's going on?"

"I'll be right back,"

Violet's POV

"No, John, this goes both ways! My son is hurting because of what happened and so is Violet! I want to know how the hell she figured out how to turn herself off to Luke and I want to know now!" I closed my eyes as Mrs. Hemmings yelled at my dad. I sat on the staircase like a little girl, listening to the conversation downstairs.

"Liz, we don't know how she can do it. I've never even heard of that before," mum replied in her sweet tone.

"I want to see her,"

"That's not necessary."

"Yes, it is. I only know of one person who was able to turn off every single connection and that's just from the history of the old books,"

"Who is it then, Liz? Enlighten me," my dad said. Once my dad found out about what happened, he took it upon himself and threw Luke out without even hesitating. He didn't care, didn't listen didn't even flinch.

"Xander Damon,"

"That's impossible, Liz."

"Is it? Bring her down here and ask her how she knows how to turn it off. Because if you don't know, Jackie, and if Andrew doesn't know, how the hell does she know?"

"Violet! Come down please!" I stood up quickly and waited a couple seconds. If I come straight down the stairs, they'll know I was listening and that wouldn't be good. I used to listen to my dad all the time when I was a little girl and sat on the very same stairs I just sat on and when he would catch me, he would send me to my room. Granted, I'm a grown woman now and can't get sent to my room anymore, but seeing the vein pop out in his neck is seriously scary.

"What's going on? Why are you here?" I asked, staying at the bottom of the stairs.

"How do you know how to turn everything off?" Mrs. Hemmings asked.

"Press the off button?"

"Violet, answer the question," my dad sighed.

"I just know,"

"Really? Just like you know how to lie to the council?"

"Liz," my dad spat.

"What's this about? Because if you're accusing me of something, then you're crazy. I've been inside this house for a week, no contact with anyone."

"I'm not going to ask again. How do you know to off your connection with Luke?"

"I read about it in the books online."

"Funny, there are no books online," my breath hitched.

"Violet?" My mum asked, putting her hand over her heart as if it was breaking.

"She visits him every other week at the cafe," I looked to the front door and stepped back onto the stairs.

"She told me. She meets with Xander to talk and be showed her how to do it,"

My parents looked at me, mum with sad and confused eyes, dad with his crazy eyes, the eyes that scream hurt, pain, agony and over all, anger. His eyes used to get this way when he had his drinking problem and would go off on Leo and I, throw things about and scream at us until he got a reaction.

"You both can leave now," my mum said, guiding Mrs. Hemmings out of the house.

"Luke," I called. I stepped off the first stair and walked over to him.

I looked him straight in his blue eyes, "go to hell and never come back."

"Explain, now. And don't give me a bullshit answer, Violet. Or I swear to God," my dad said. I sat on the couch, away from my parents who are going to slaughter me.

"I see Xander every other week at the cafe in town to talk,"

"Why the hell would you ever do that?! He's after you, remember?!" I looked down to the floor. I got caught. And I don't like to get caught, especially if I could've prevented it.

"I was trying to save my ass, dad. Save Ryan. Save everyone in this house. I lied to him because I didn't want to be put away for not having a baby with Luke. And you know what? It worked!"

"He's dangerous, Violet! God knows what could've happened! He could've taken you right then and there. He could've killed you! His people could've came here and killed all of us while you were with him!"

"How stupid could you actually be? You're school smart, not street smart. You not only went behind our backs, but you put yourself in more danger than you've ever done before. You risked all of us, every single one of us." I listened as my parents went on and on about how stupid I am and how I risked my life. But did I really? I saved myself and my family. And that's all that matters. At least to me.

"I can't have you staying here if you're putting yourself in danger. I love you, but you need to leave."

"You're kicking me out?"

"You risked all of us and we can't have that. We have Jenna here and she has no clue what's going on right now and if she finds out, her life is over."

"You're putting Jenna before me? What the hell!"

"Turn your connection back on and pack your bags."

"This is ridiculous," I closed my eyes and turned my connection back on with Luke, stood up and made my way back upstairs to retrieve my baby.

"I'm coming back to get my stuff after I find a place to live. Don't expect me to talk to you. Ever again. I'll find a new damn trainer. Hell, I'll train myself."

"I'm your trainer, I'm destined to be your trainer," my dad fought.

"And your my dad and supposed to be my dad! Funny how it works both ways, right? Now I'm down a trainer and a father. Guess Ryan and I are more alike then ever now." I fixed the diaper bag on my shoulder and picked up the car seat.

"Sleep well tonight, both of you. Cause your daughter will be sleeping on the streets." Oh, and go to hell.

"Violet," I turned to the neighbors yard and shook my head.

"Don't you dare talk to me. Ever again. Don't communicate with me, don't text me don't even think about me, understand? You just ruined my life and Ryan's. I really hope you're happy, Luke."

"Wait, what happened in there?"

"They kicked me out, Luke! Alright! They kicked me out because I was saving my ass. I was stupid to ever tell you about my meetings. No, you know what, I was stupid to ever think I was loved."

"D-do you need a place to stay?"

"With you? Hell no. I'll take my chances."

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