What happens when Hermione runs into herself at Hogwarts?


1. Twins?

Hermiones POV

I was running through the corridor to meet harry, when I ran into someone." Oof!" We shouted. "Jinx" and we looked up. "Your me!" We shouted, terrified. "I'm Hermione" I started, my voice quivering. " I'm Jean." I started to scan her. She was exactly like me but her hair was black, and her eyes blue. And then there was the slythern tie. Ugh! Why is Hogwarts so complicated!?

"Jean! Wait up!" I heard a familiar voice. I turned around and was greeted with blonde hair and a sneer. " Hey granger." Why don't you ever call her by her last name? I thought out loud apparently. " I don't know her last name. She came here in our fourth year, last year. She was sorted in Dumbledores office. She never told me he last name." He looked at her expectantly. She looked at me. " we're sisters."

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