coco chanel ; zayn

"your worth a lot"
"what can i say? i'm expensive"


1. intro



She walked carelessly and confident with every step while I follow her holding all her shopping bags in my arms. 

I look down at all the bags and I smirk, "You know you're worth a lot"

She looks back at me, looking beautiful as ever her hips swishing in her knee-length white skirt. She giggles, flipping her braids over her shoulder, "What can I say, I'm expensive baby boy" 

I blush at the nickname she gave me, we stop at my car, and I put the bags in the trunk and then I open the passenger door for her and she slides in closing her legs tight when she gets in so she wouldn't flash any of the wandering eyes that came her way, including mine. When she sits in I smell the Coco Chanel perfume whiff into my nose and I sigh dreamily closing the door after her and going to the drivers door.


She is Expensive indeed.




loving this intro actually. i know i've been gone for a lil while but i'm back and i'm better and i'm ready to start fresh with fresh and new stories. 

please share this story, comment, and add this book so other people can see it. criticism is accepted and character requests are open too. 


bye lovelies.

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