coco chanel ; zayn

"your worth a lot"
"what can i say? i'm expensive"


2. C°1





When he first met her, he felt as if Jesus himself dropped her down to earth to meet him, besides the predicament, she was in. She was truly an angel. 

I remember it was a windy Wednesday night, and I had just got off of work. I pulled into my driveway and I turn off the ignition, opening my door and stepping out. I grab my book bag and hooked it over my shoulder before closing the door behind me. I sigh when I hear the people in the house across from me yelling yet again, it doesn't bother me much but when you start to hear it every night now, you will get irritated. 

"So now you're out here cheating on me? In my own bed?! You ungrateful, bitch!" I hear a female voice yell, surprising me how I can hear it from across the street. 

"Well, you're not giving me any at night! You're just keeping up your 'oh, I'm a virgin' act talkin' bout' 'i wanna wait till marriage' bullshit." I hear a raspy voice yell back. 

"Or it's just that I don't wanna sleep with a piece of shit like you... with your shrimp dick. I'm leaving! I'm going to be out for tonight and when I come back tomorrow morning and you're not gone I'm calling the police" The girl's voice says.

"I pay rent around here, you can't kick me out! And who's gonna believe you? Especially the police, with yo' black ass, can't do shit right around here!"

I hear a slap echo, and I cringe coming back to reality noticing that I'm being as nosy as can be standing on my front porch just hearing everything unfold. 


It became silent for a little bit before I hear ruffling come from the house and a loud thud followed by whimpers, "Get out of my house, you hoeagain, the raspy voice sounds, and the door opens and the girl flys out onto the grass. The door closes shut and the girl sits there not moving, and I find myself walking across the street, and to their lawn to see if the girl is okay. 

"Um..." I hum, she doesn't even move, her head is in the grass, I kick her softly with the toe of my shoe and she still doesn't move. I sigh looking down at her than at the house, I bite the inside of my cheek before picking her up and flipping her on my shoulder and walking back to my house and attempting to open the door with one hand. 

Succeeding, I walk in smelling the usual scent of vanilla and peaches that always lingered around my house and I kick the door closed and I carried her upstairs, making sure I slipped off my shoes at the door. 


When I walk upstairs, I hear a grumble and a loud gasp. 

"LET ME GO!!" she screams, and she starts to kick. Still, in shock, I don't realize when she kicks more and knocks me in my face making me drop her on the ground and she stands up so quick and grabs a candle holder I have on the top of the stairs. 


"W-who are you, and what am I doing in this house.." She said, her hands shaking. 


"I-I'm just helping you, you were getting beat by your boyfriend and he kicked you out so I'm taking you in so you wouldn't be cold and uncomfortable outside."

She looks at me and she slowly dropped the candle holder. "If you gon' rape me just save it and kill me" 

I look at her and I start to shake my head rapidly, "No, no, no, no I don't want to do that. I just want you to stay here till you get back up. I would never do that to a woman."




She comes out of the bathroom with my shirt and basketball shorts on, walking to me with her dirty clothes in hand. "Thank you..." She mumbles. 


I grab the clothes and I throw them in the hamper, "No problem, I like to help when someone needs it"

"Don't think I'm some charity case" 


"Never," I say, I walk to my closet and I take out some pillows and a sheet, "You can take the bed I'll take the couch it's only right"


She crawls on my bed, immediately sinking into the bed relaxing, I smile at her and I bow my head before turning to the door, "Wait..."


I turn to her, "Hmm?" 

"I know we don't know each other well but... can you sleep with me? I'm scared"


"U-um sure," I say dropping the stuff on the ground. I climb in next to her, laying down stiff not wanting to scare her. In a little while she turns to me wrapping her hands around my torso.


"thank you" she mumbles before falling asleep. 





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