Insomnia | Joshler

Josh's college roommate has insomnia.
He's also pretty freaking hot.


6. We're broken people

After a few long classes, it was finally lunch. Tyler agreed to meet up with Josh by a cool tree they saw.

Josh looked so peaceful sitting underneath the tree, wind blowing through his cotton candy hair. He smiled when he saw Tyler.

Josh wasn't broken like Tyler, he was normal, he was happy, he was whole. Tyler envied him. 

Søunds like yøu really like him, huh?

Could you please let me have at least one normal day?

This isn't nørmal?

This... this is normal for me but...

Yøu want tø støp being a freak? Yøu think I'll just gø away? Nø. Never. Jøsh will find øut yøu løve him, and things will just get wørse frøm there. I'm never leaving, Tyler, never.

Tyler tried to act like he wasn't crazy and sat next to Josh.

"Are you okay, man?"

He tried to make himself sound okay. "Yeah."

He didn't sound okay.

"Are you sure? Did something happen? Are your teachers really mean?"



"I know we just met but we're roommates and you're gonna end up thinking I'm crazy anyway, so I need to tell you some stuff."

Josh gave him a comforting look, "Sure."

"So- This is gonna sound really weird- but I-I have this voice in my head. That sounds crazy, I mean, I sound crazy, but it's not really, um," he took a deep breath, "His name is Blurryface, I didn't name him, I think he named himself, I dunno, but he's like- he tells me horrifying things and constantly reminds me that I'm... a worthless freak. You probably think I'm crazy now, and you're not wrong, I'm broken, and you're not. I'm sorry."

"Whoa, um, you don't need to apologize, it's not like you can control that. I understand, partially."

Tyler surprised Josh by wrapping his arms around him. "Thanks for kind of understanding."

Josh hugged back, "You're welcome."

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