Insomnia | Joshler

Josh's college roommate has insomnia.
He's also pretty freaking hot.


8. Savior

 "So," Josh said when we sat down at a booth, "What's your preference?"

"Excuse me?" Tyler said, astonished at the question being asked.

Josh's eyes widened.

"No, I mean, I just want to get to know you better..."

Tyler opened his mouth to speak, but Blurry stopped him.

Gays are freaks. He's just asking to make sure you aren't a freak.


Josh could sense something was wrong and he wondered if Blurry was telling him to lie. 

"I could go first?"

Tyler blinked at the offer, "Yeah, that'd be great."
Josh smiled, "I'm bisexual."

A huge wave of relief washed over Tyler. 

"I'm gay."

Josh nodded and looked Tyler straight in the eyes, making him feel like melting. Blurry was right he really did like him.

"So, what's your favorite color?"

Josh thought for a moment. 

"Red, what about you?"

Tyler grinned, "Yellow."

Josh tucked his cotton candy hair behind his ear.

"I'm actually thinking about dying my hair red."
Tyler raised his eyebrows, envisioning this.

"I think it would look pretty."

Josh looked down at the ground, blushing. 

The waiter came to take their order and they both glanced down at the menus, ordering the first thing they saw. Josh laughed at this.

"Looks like we're both prone to awkward situations."

"You can say that again," Tyler replied, rolling his eyes in a friendly sort of way.

Suddenly out of the corner of his eye he saw something that made him want to run for cover. His high school bullies stood at the entrance of the restaurant, Missy Valentino and Donald Rickman. She sniffed the air and punched Donald. He glanced over at her and she pointed right at Tyler.

"Oh crap," He said, fear rising in his eyes.

Josh looked at him in concern.


Tyler ducked under the table to Josh's surprise and the two individuals walked up. 

"Hi?" Josh greeted them awkwardly.

They ignored him, the girl reaching under the table and pulling Tyler out by the scruff of his neck. 

"Well if it isn't Tyler Joseph, the dorky faggot of Columbus High. Nice seeing you again, buddy," Said the man. 

"Let go of me, Missy," Tyler hissed, ignoring Donald. 

Donald frowned backhanding him across the face.

"You never were very good at listening, fag."

Tyler glared as menacingly as he could.

"We're not kids anymore, let me go."

Missy laughed, punching him in the stomach.

"The only difference if there aren't any lockers to stuff you in, idiot."

Josh stood up, catching the two slightly off guard.

"Let go of Tyler," He growled.

The two were clearly intimidated by his muscles but decided to pretend they weren't.

"Who's this Ty, your boyfriend?"

Tyler vigorously tried to escape Missy's grasp as she spoke, but she clenched his shirt collar tighter. 

Josh felt an anger like he'd never felt before and he grabbed Missy, who dropped Tyler in surprise.

"Leave him alone," He said through clenched teeth.

Donald stepped in between them, he was quite a lot taller than Josh, but not nearly as strong.

"Or what," He muttered.

Before he knew what he was doing Josh was punching him and screaming, "Or worse!"

The two bullies backed away and sprinted towards the exit. 

Josh turned to see Tyler sitting on the floor, shaking and sobbing as blood trailed from his mouth. 

"Tyler!" Josh cried, scooping the poor boy up in his arms. 

The staff were asking them to leave so he carried Tyler outside to the car, where he placed him in the passenger seat. He ran around to the driver's seat and hopped inside. Tyler released a sob and buried his head in Josh's shoulder as he drived, and with his free hand, he ran it through Tyler's brown hair. 

"Shh," He whispered.



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