Insomnia | Joshler

Josh's college roommate has insomnia.
He's also pretty freaking hot.


3. Kill Your Dreams

When Tyler checked his watch it was almost 3:00 in the morning. Thinking he should get some sleep since he had class the next day, he pulled the curtains taught and slipped his laptop into his bag which rested beside his bed. He fluffed his pillow lightly and pulled the covers up over his head. Now all he had to do was sleep.

I bet øn yøur life he'll get tired øf yøu.

Shut up, Blurry.

Blurry snickered.

Yøu really døn't believe me? Denying it ønly makes it wørse. He hates yøu.

No way. He said himself that I was better than what he was expecting.

He was lying, just like yøu lied to yøur ex, Jenna. Pøør girl, thinking she was in løve with a straight guy. Yøu knøw yøu're a freak, right?

Yeah, thanks for the reminder.

Jøsh will be disgusted when he finds øut.


Yes, when. Are yøu førgetting that we share the same brain? Yøu have a crush øn him, and I knøw eventually yøu'll spill to him because yøu can't bare it any møre, like yøu always dø.

I don't have a crush on him, I barely even know him. Besides, who says I'm spilling anything?

I dø.

You can't control me.

Watch me.

With that, Blurry pulled Tyler into a nightmare and when he woke he was lying in a pool of sweat, tears streamed down his face. Remembering the dream, he shivered and propped himself up on one elbow. He looked over at Josh, who appeared to be sleeping soundly, his cotton candy hair purple in the darkness of the room. 

He needed something to think about to get him into a sounder sleep, so he looked around the room for something to channel his thoughts into. 

Suddenly a horrible thought struck him, one that was practically a jumble of things rather than a single sentence. Something along the lines of human existence, death, time being an illusion, etc. He sighed as he went deeper and deeper into the thoughts, anxiety building up inside of him. Why did this always happen? It just took one thought or feeling to trigger him and suddenly he was too deep. Tears streamed down his face as he fought to pull out of the mess. Somehow he just couldn't and a sob escaped him. 

Josh shifted in his sleep and the sound snapped Tyler out of it. If Josh woke up and saw him crying he would probably laugh at him, or think he was a crybaby or something like that. 

Eventually, Tyler drifted into another nightmare and he woke up shaking. This one had a noose in it, that's all he could remember. 

He glanced over at the windowsill, thinking how easy it would be to jump. He shook the image from his mind, trying not to let it back into his thoughts. He wanted to escape, not die because he knew that death wouldn't give him peace, or closure, he would simply be gone. That was horrifying. Still, sometimes all he wanted was to end it. 

He glanced over at Josh for what seemed like the hundredth time that night, who he couldn't help but notice looked stunningly adorable while he slept. He had his hands in fists and his cotton candy hair was messy on top of his beautiful face. 

With that thought, Tyler drifted into an easier sleep and didn't wake up until his alarm rang early in the morning. 

Maybe Blurry was right after all. Maybe he did have a crush on him. 




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