Insomnia | Joshler

Josh's college roommate has insomnia.
He's also pretty freaking hot.


2. Joshua Dun

Tyler looked out of the window of his dorm. He was waiting for his new roommate to arrive. He was some guy named Josh. Tyler tried to imagine Josh. He was probably an average guy- no, scratch that. Having an average roommate wouldn't be torturous enough. He would probably be super hot and popular, he'd go to parties every night and come back to the room either hungover or with a girl.

The door opened. Tyler held his breath.

The person who opened the door was nearly the opposite of what Tyler imagined, nearly, because he was hot. Josh was short for his age, had messy pink hair, and was wearing a band T-shirt. 

Tyler tried to not act surprised.

Josh smiled, "Hey, you're Tyler right?"

Tyler's eyes wandered around the room. "Um, yeah, and you're Josh?"


There was an awkward silence.

"I um... I really like your shirt."

He looked surprised, "You like MCR?"

"Yeah! It's, like, sick!"

Josh laughed, his laugh was so cute.

"It's funny," Josh said, "I was so worried I would hate my roommate, but you're pretty sick!"

Tyler suddenly realized that he and Josh were going actually going to live together. That meant Josh would see him at night. Nighttime was always the worst time for Tyler because, at night, there was nothing to distract him from everything happening in his mind. Josh would think he was a freak.

Josh sat down on his bed. "Hey, Tyler, are you nervous at all, um, about this whole college thing?"

Tyler sat down on his own bed across from Josh's. "Yeah, people always say college professors are really strict and I get that they're doing their jobs but it's still kinda scary."

Josh smiled, "I was so afraid my roommate would be trying to drag me to parties and socialize and stuff, I've been so worried about all of this for no reason."

Tyler smiled back, "Don't worry," he said this mostly to Josh, but partially to himself.

Everything was going be fine.

Perfectly fine. 


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