Insomnia | Joshler

Josh's college roommate has insomnia.
He's also pretty freaking hot.


16. Far From The Truth


It streamed into his barely opened eyes. 

Tyler was conscious.

Wait... He was conscious?

He opened his eyes fully and jolted up. 

His surroundings were not familiar. There was a TV a few yards away from him and there was a nurse standing in the threshold talking to a man who Tyler couldn't make out in the position of a light by his head. He was in a thin bed, the floors were tiled, a white table beside him had a vase of flowers atop it. 

"Where am I?" He croaked. 

The nurse and the man spun around to face him. The nurse had big brown eyes and frizzy dark brown hair. She rushed toward him, heels click-clacking against the floor. The man rushed along behind her, his face coming into view. 

It was Josh. 


"How are you feeling?" Josh asked.

"Am I... Am I in the hospital?"

"Yeah," Josh knelt beside him, "I came back to the dorm to find you asleep and I thought it was kinda strange since you can't normally sleep without me, not to mention it was only 3:00 in the afternoon. So I went into the bathroom and there was a bottle of pills open on the counter... Some were spilled on the floor. I figured out what you did, so I got you here as fast as I could."


The question seemed to shock Josh. 

"Why? What kind of question is that? You thought I would just let you die?"

"You hate me."

Josh's face fell completely.

"Oh, no, Ty. That's far from true. So, so far." He took Tyler's hand in his, taking him by surprise.

"Your hand is cold," Josh observed, voice quivering.

"You don't hate me?"

It took a moment for Tyler to realize Josh was crying.

"God, no. Tyler. I love you!"

"You... love me?"

Josh let out a laugh through his tears. He leaned in so his nose was touching Tyler's. Tyler inhaled his scent as his lips came close enough for him to just...

They were kissing, Josh's lips were on his, the smell of Christmas cookies and vanilla cologne embracing him completely as he fell into the sensation of Josh's soft lips perfectly in sync with his own. 

They pulled apart slowly.

"Yeah, I love you," Josh said.





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