Insomnia | Joshler

Josh's college roommate has insomnia.
He's also pretty freaking hot.


10. Cuddles

Trigger warning: Self-harm

Tyler had been fixed up pretty good thanks to Josh, who brought him to the infirmary on campus immediately. They were now back in the dorm, Josh seemingly sound asleep in his bed while Tyler lay awake, staring up at the ceiling while fighting with his thoughts. 

All he wanted, all he needed was somebody to hold him, to cuddle him, to make him okay, but the only person there was Josh. Josh was bi, sure, but he wanted to be friends with Tyler. Besides, they had only met just recently, the idea of cuddling Tyler even as friends would be weird. So, so weird. 

Tyler sighed.

He was completely and totally alone.

Døn't wørry, yøu have me.

You're the reason I need someone right now.

Døn't give me sass. Dø yøu want a nightmare? This øne will have a gun in it. 


Gøød. Yøu knøw, yøu really are wørthless. What shøuld we dø abøut that?


I have an idea. Gø to the bathroom and get yøur razør øut. 


What did I say abøut talking back?

Sorry. I'll... go get the razor.

Tyler let out a sniffle as he threw his covers off and made his way towards the bathroom quietly as he could, hoping not to wake Josh. The problem was, Josh was already awake and was watching him through mostly closed eyes. He was only looking out through tiny slivers. 

He watched Tyler enter the bathroom, watched him open up a drawer and take out a razor. He pried out the blade and took it in his hand, he was suddenly hovering it over his arm.

Josh watched the blade get closer and closer, he didn't like this.

Tyler pressed down.

Josh's eyes widened, he jumped out of bed, running into the bathroom and slipping one arm around a very shocked Tyler's waist and taking the blade out of Tyler's grasp with his other hand. 

Josh was saying something, comforting words, but it was all muffled and unclear in Tyler's ears. A bandage was being wrapped around his wrist, lips were pecking his forehead, hands were holding him as he was led back to his bed.

Josh tucked Tyler in, but not before slipping in beside him, holding him close.

He did find it strange to be cuddling Tyler, but he needed somebody right then, and Josh wasn't about to leave him alone. After all, he had told him about Blurryface. He knew what sort of stuff that demon could make Tyler think about at this hour. 

Besides, he kind of liked it.

Tyler snuggled into Josh, who's breath could be felt against his neck, sending shivers down his spine. 

He smiled to himself as he drifted off into a slightly easier sleep in the arms of his roommate. 

Perhaps he had someone to cuddle him after all.


What???? An update??? Lmao yes. You're welcome!!! Soz bout the wait thx for being patient.


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