Insomnia | Joshler

Josh's college roommate has insomnia.
He's also pretty freaking hot.


12. Brendon

The incessant tapping from the man beside him was getting rather irritating.

Tap. Tap. Tap, tap, tap-

"Could you please stop tapping?" Tyler blurted.

The man looked up in surprise. He had dark brown eyes, similar to Josh's, and a youthful, narrow, face. 

"Sorry," He mumbled, "I've got ADHD, my bad, really sorry..."

Tyler's face softened. 

"No, no, I understand, if it's something you can't help-" 

"It's fine," The man assured him, "I'll, um try to stop, I guess it just helps me concentrate."

He angled his chair so he was facing Tyler.

"I'm Brendon, you are?"

"Tyler, nice to meet you."

"Good to meet you, too," He replied, and then said in a slightly urgent tone, "Say, do you know Josh Dun?"

"Yeah, why?"

He ruffled his mess of dark brown hair. 

"I've seen you with him, we were actually close friends in high school, didn't know he was here until this morning."

"Oh, well, if you want to m-meet up with him, I could arrange a time."

"That sounds great," He said, "But I've got to ask, even though it's really none of my business, are you and him...?"

Tyler's eyes widened.

"Oh," He stuttered, "W-well, no, no definitely not."

Brendon smirked,

"You sure?"

Brendon seemed like a perfectly trustworthy guy, but Tyler wasn't about to tell one of Josh's close friends that he had a crush on him, much less come out to him.

"Yes, I'm sure," He said with finality.

"Ok then," Brendon said, "Well, could I get your number so we can set a date?" 

Tyler hummed in response as Brendon handed him his phone, which he quickly typed his number into.

"Oh, shit," He said after a moment, "I've got to meet my girlfriend soon, I should get going."

He stood and made his way over to the columned doorway of the lounge.

"See you around, Tyler."

"Goodbye," Tyler called with a small wave.



"I saw an old friend of yours in the lounge today."

"Did you?" Josh hummed.

They were at the tree again, except this time they had climbed it and were perched in the branches like two nine-year-olds. 

"Yeah, his name is Brendon."

Josh's eyes lit up at the familiar name. 

"Brendon? No way! Did he say he wants to meet up?"

"Yeah," Tyler said with a giggle.

"Great, that's so great. I haven't seen him since graduation."

Tyler nodded and then yawned, leaning back against the branches of the tree. 

"You seem tired," Josh observed.

"'M fine."

"Are you? Did you really get any sleep last night?"

Tyler fumbled with the hem of his jacket.

"W-Well, sort of, um, I, um, n-not really."

Josh sighed, scooting closer to him and wrapping a muscular arm around him. 

"I told you I would sleep with you if you needed me to."

"I-I know, I just really didn't want to disturb you-"

"Tyler," He said slowly, "I told you it doesn't bother me. You need to trust me. Can you do that? Can you please, please do that?"

He was looking into his eyes, desperation sparkling in them and reflecting Tyler's own glassy orbs. 

The brunette nodded. 

"I-I can."

He really wasn't sure if he could, but he didn't want to upset his only friend.



Brendon called the following Wednesday and they arranged for him to stop by their room, which was messy as hell, but Brendon laughed and assured them he didn't care, and he arrived accordingly. 

He was talking excitedly now to them.

"And then Josh was like, 'Hell no,' You know?"

"Mmhmm," Tyler agreed, although he hadn't really been listening. 

Brendon had completely overstayed his welcome, it had been an entire four hours since he had arrived, not to mention it was getting rather late. Finally, he stood, bid them goodbye and left Tyler and Josh sitting in their living room and sipping their decaf coffee.

"So, did you like him?"

"Yes, he's a good guy."

"I'm glad." Josh took a bite out of one of the cookies he had set out.

It was quiet for a moment before he asked, "Do you wanna watch a movie or something?"

Tyler looked up at him, contemplating his offer. 

"Sure, but what movie?"

The pink haired man shrugged, grabbing the remote and flipping the TV on. 

"Harry Potter?"

"I was never really into those."

"Yeah, me neither. Sex and the City?"

"You're kidding."


"No way, silly." 

Josh sighed in mock exaggeration.

"Alright, what about Brokeback Mountain?"

"Really, a gay romance film?"

"What, is that weird?"

"No, I love that movie, it's just..."

"Just what?" Josh asked with a smirk as if he already knew.

"Nevermind," Tyler said, and he could feel his cheeks flushing bright pink.

It wasn't long before the two men were wrapped in each other's arms, Josh running his fingers through Tyler's hair absently while they watched.

And he couldn't help but wonder how Josh felt about him.







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