Universial (ON HOLD)

What if I told you there was another universe out there? With living, breathing, humans? Well there was. In 1937, a secret mission was sent out by the United Nations(UN) on January 13th 1937. The ship crash landed. We stayed on this new planet, similar to earth, for about a year. During that time, we fixed the ship and were able to navigate our continents. Some people stayed on this new planet. Some came down back to earth with me. Just as we entered the earth's atmosphere, an incoming mediator hit us. I was one of the 3 people that survived the trip back to earth.


6. January, Saterday, 14th 1937

January, Saturday, 14th, 1937, 9:00 am

    I just woke up. Well for the hundredth time. I tried getting Jason's phone, the one he was givin to contact earth, but it was IMPOSSIBLE to find. Everyone's still asleep so im lonely... *sad face* 

      I to go to the front of the ship and see if there was anything interesting, but there was nothing, so... really, i just came back, got this book, and wrote out there in the front. The chair is soft. The beds should be like this.

        Well, now i'm just bored. 





   Never mind. it vanished, i probably imagined it. i wanted to see a mediator so badly, i must have imagined it.

i just heard a big BOOM out back, im gonna go cheek it out.... bey!

  okay, do you even say good bye to a book??? well im signing of this book. 






January, Saturday, 14th, 1937, 9:05 pm

    Dear book, 

I'm back!! so nothing really big happened, Reveena Maine, fell off her so called 'bed', that's what caused the boom. 

     food over here is horrid. teribal, disgusting, worst food of the year worthy. 

   but there is good news: only 5 more days left to this trip!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! okay, im going to try contain my excitement, and try to sleep. 








January, Saturday, 14th, 1937, 11:58

  dear book,

   i had this weird dream, the engine of the ship set on fire while everyone was off ship, we had landed on a strange land, it was all green, and white. we didn't have to wear our suit's and carry oxygen tanks. our research was right. the engine on the ship exploded and a few people were too close to the explosion. they died. me and the survivors, kept walking. soon we hit a pile of rocks. not just any rocks. rocks formed in the shape of a cave, well the back of one anyways. caption May told us he would go around and see if it was safe. me and the others heard a big rock move. than lots of yelling, someone fell to the ground. many people. the team ran around to see what happened. there were a group of people living in that cave, and they killed caption May. they must have felt threatened but i didn't find out. i woke up.







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