Universial (ON HOLD)

What if I told you there was another universe out there? With living, breathing, humans? Well there was. In 1937, a secret mission was sent out by the United Nations(UN) on January 13th 1937. The ship crash landed. We stayed on this new planet, similar to earth, for about a year. During that time, we fixed the ship and were able to navigate our continents. Some people stayed on this new planet. Some came down back to earth with me. Just as we entered the earth's atmosphere, an incoming mediator hit us. I was one of the 3 people that survived the trip back to earth.


9. January, Monday, 16th 1937

January, Monday, 16th, 1937, 1:55pm

     I just had lunch, and im thinking of trying this new thing, napping. Not on the bed, on the cozy chairs in the front, sleeping looking at the stars and planets. Yes, that is what I'll do. Today, captain May let us us his phone and contact home. Mum wad really happy to see me, she was very worried that something would happen, but its only been 3 days. We talked about her changing her job sometime soon, she's finally realized sitting at a desk and stamping papers is not what she wants to do for her job. We talked about when i come back, what we want to do, because its my first mission.  




January, Monday, 16th, 1937, 2:23pm

    I just woke up, captian May said i need to be up, and alert for this trip, only time to sleep is at night.

so, he wants me to do a fate worse than death.

read astronomy text books.

dont get me wrong, i love reading.

but astonemy books.... not so much.

the text books, that if i pay enough attention, i will be able to match the stars in to book, to the real stars in space. well... i have to go read the text books now so..... yha, bye book!



January, Monday, 16th, 1937, 9:53 pm

     I'v read 10 out of the 15 text books(i don't even know why captain May made us bring these along!!!) and i have learned NOTHING! So now, before captain May begins yelling at me for writing, i'm going back to doing NOTHING! Bey book! 






















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