I fell in love with the night


1. The first night

She was lying in her bed, waiting to fall asleep. The old house was creaking and the wind was howling outside. But the creepy sounds of the old house, was in fact not the reason for her not sleeping. She actually didn't know what was. But she couldn't sleep. So she was lying there, her head filled with thoughts. It felt like her head was going to explode. It wasn't actually going to explode. But I could might as well.

This was not the first night, that she couldn't sleep. It wasn't even the first week. No, she hadn't slept properly for three weeks.

So it did indeed feel like her head were to explode.

She was trying desperately not to think of anything at all. But it was harder than it seemed. So much was going on I her life. It was like a weird movie, nobody wanted to watch. One of those confusing movies, where nothing really happened, but somehow too much happened.

If that makes sense. Maybe that's the point. I just doesn't make sense.

One of the reasons for her confusion, was her parents. They had been the best parents in the world. They were always there, and was always supportive. But then her dad started getting distant. He talked less and less to her and her mother, and he always had to work "late".  Her mother tried to ignore it, but it was getting fairly obvious.

A year later they were divorced. She didn't understand it. It was like it hadn't happened, but everything was affected by it.

Her mother was the toughest person she knew. She could do almost anything and a cheating husband was not to prevent her from living her life.

Her father had a different reaction to everything. Though he was the one, who had slept with another woman, he somehow managed to make it her mothers fault. "She was always distant and didn't love him anymore."

But when she then wanted a divorce, he begged for her to come back.

But as she had said. Her mother was the tough one. And to be tough, you have to be a bit cold too.

She was proud of my mother. She had gotten through it all with her head up.

But I was also very mad at her. At both of them.

Because in the middle of everything, they had forgotten her. They had not once, asked for her opinion or talked to her about it.

She was just there. Watching everything from the side.

She was currently living at her moms place. It had now been a month since the divorce. And her mother had managed to find a new boyfriend already. He was a bit older than her mother. He worked at a bank, and was frankly the most boring person on earth. Everything he did was boring. The way he talked, his job, his clothes. She couldn't imagine why her mother would want a man like that.

It wasn't even the fact that he was boring, that made her hate him.

It was his opinions on everything. His opinion on politics and the law. And the thing she hated the most. He was against LGBT. He wasn't just against it. He protested against it. And her mother participated in the protests. Her mother wasn't against it, but she didn't like it either.

If she didn't like staying at her mothers, why didn't she stay at her dads, you might ask.

But that was not an option. He was first of a a lying jerk, who hadn't tried to contact her once. He was also a drunk. He hadn't been, when her parents had been together,

But that was a year and one month ago.

So her distant mother and her sexist and gay protesting stepfather, was in fact her best option.

A knock on the window, distracted her from her thoughts. She turned around on her mattress and looked towards her the window. She wasn't surprised, when nothing appeared at the window. Something made her get up and walk towards the window, anyway. She opened the window and looked outside. Once again she saw nothing. It was just a branch hitting the window, I thought to myself and went back to bed.

But less than a minute later, the exact same sound appeared. Coming from her window. She jumped out of bed and opened the window immediately.

To her surprise there was still nothing. It wasn't a branch. That was for sure. So she crawled out of the window and up to the roof. She hadn't done it in the new house before, but it went smoothly. Her room was facing the garage, so she made a small jump and pulled herself up. It didn't take a lot of strength, and she was fairly strong.

The roof was a bit tricky to walk on, so she decided to sit down and push herself forward.

She was utterly surprised, when she saw the face of a teenage girl. She was sitting there wrapped in a blanket reading a book.

"What are you doing here?", She asked the girl. The girl put a bookmark in between two pages and closed the book. She then looked up and smiled at me. "Hi, I'm Sara", she said, her blue eyes sparkling with joy. There wasn't much to be happy about, but she seemed happy anyway.

She was going to say something. Accuse her of being on her roof, but then she realized, that it was in fact not her roof.

"I-I'm Anna", she then stuttered and looked suspiciously at Sara. Anna had no clue, what to say.

"Come sit", the girl said and kept smiling at Anna.

Anna was both frighten and interested by the girl. So she sat down next to Sara. The roof was rather cold and she was only wearing pajamas.

They sat there for a while not doing anything. She found it pleasing in a way, she couldn't quite get her head around. The cold breeze of the early spring. The stars on the sky and the view. Oh, the view.

You could see the ocean from the roof. It wasn't far away, but you couldn't see it, when you were on the ground.

It was something special.

"I used to come here a lot, when I was young. My friend lived here before you moved in", Sara said distantly. Her brown hair fell down in big wavy curls. She was very beautiful. But not in a hot cheerleader way. In a pure, no makeup kind of way.

Anna nodded, but didn't say anything. She always ended up saying something stupid or rude without meaning to. And she didn't want to ruin the moment. "We used to sit here and look at the stars... God, I love stars", she sighed and looked upon the black sky. The stars were lighting up the dark and quiet night. It was almost magical. She had never thought much of stars before, but in that moment, she realized just how beautiful it was. It wasn't the individual star that made it beautiful. It was all the stars combined. The fact, that such beautiful things could be found almost anywhere stunned her. She looked down on Sara again. "It must have been a special friend", I said, mostly to myself. She nodded without looking away from

the stars. "He was", she said, her face suddenly filled with sorrow. That's when it occurred to me, that the friend, was not alive. "I'm sorry", was all I could say. I didn't know what else to say. I didn't her or her friend. She was just  a girl on my stepfathers roof.

She nodded and looked away from the stars. "You shouldn't be. It was a long time ago. I come up here now and then and think about him. But remembering him is not the same as thinking about him all the time, you know?" She folded the blanket roughly and stood halfway up.

"I know I'm not supposed to be here. And I'm not going to bother you anymore", she said more firmly.

"I don't mind", I said quickly. I hadn't really thought about it, but it had actually been very nice. Though I didn't know her.

She chuckled brightly and smiled at me. "Maybe we'll meet sooner than you think", she said mysteriously and vanished into the night.

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