The Day to Day

Day to day ramblings, and an insight into the innermost thoughts of my teenage brain.


1. 13 January

I just want to know you. All of you. I want to know whether or not you can tie a tie, and, if you can, who taught you. I want to know whether you like dancing and what songs you sing at the top of your lungs when you’re home alone. Do you leave the door open when you go to the bathroom and there’s nobody there? Do you maybe walk around the house naked if you’re alone, or are you not comfortable enough with your body? I want to know where your beauty marks are, even if you don’t like them, I’ll love them for you. Tell me why you feel the need to lie, and then tell me a truth. What colour do you claim is your favourite, and what colour is actually your favourite? Why do you use people, and, in using me, did you get what you wanted? What do you think about when you can’t sleep? Would you be able to kill someone? Why do you fall in love with the people you fall in love with? Why don’t you love me? Do I deserve to lay in bed at night, clutching my pillow and choking out the words, "Why doesn't he love me?" 


And, dear God, of all the people for me to lose my heart on, why did it have to be you?

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