Free Voice Poems


5. Un-Named Poems (Note: These Are Not About Me)



I grab my bike, head out the door.

Don’t tell my parents where I’ll go.

Pedal fast until I can’t anymore.

Where I stop, I find an old, run down Morgue.

What will I do here, I’ll soon find out.

Get a text from mom.

She’s worried, tells me to come back home.

I text her where I am, tell her I’m too tired.

She says she’s on her way, I have to act fast.

I do it so quickly, I don’t even know it.

I’m soon to be dead, before they come.

Call the cops, tell them I’m not ok.

They say they’re on their way.

I’m slowly fading away.



I see the light, and hear sirens.

Soon before I know it, I’m being rushed somewhere.

Hospitals, not my favorite place.

They do their best, try to pump my stomach.

No use, I’m too close now.

The light gets brighter and brighter.

Soon, I won’t be here anymore.


I’m now gone.



She looks so normal,

Like she’s one of those people no one

Notices, all alone.

She has secrets, deep secrets.

Some she’ll never share.

One day she’s sick of it all,

She stays home, laying in bed.

She get’s on the computer,

Finds rumors about her.

She’s had enough.

She grabs the small orange bottle,

Takes it to her room and takes a handful.

She looks up at her favorite picture,

She screams as she starts fading.

She hears running, it’s too late though.

She’s soon gone.

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