Free Voice Poems


3. Loss

I see you sitting there,

Staring, at what?

There’s nothing there.

Suddenly, you move.

You look uncomfortable,

Like you’ve seen things.

I think about coming to see you,

But then mom comes in.

She asks if you’re ok,

You say: I’m just in some pain.

Mom cries every night, I’m not sure why.

Months go by, full of confusion pain and depression.

In a day, you’re gone.

Mom dresses me up in black, we drive to a scary place.

Someone sees me, sees that i’m confused.

Hey little guy, I have something for you.

He hands me a flower and a toy truck.

I thank him and continue on my way.

We get to a hole in the ground,

I look down.

A brown wood box lays there, open.

I see you, laying there.


I notice, you won’t be here anymore.

I cry.

I tell mom I want to go home.

First dad, now you.

I’ll miss you,

I’ll cry.

But i’ll be tough, like you taught me.

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