Avatars: The Rogue Fire Bender

As a bender Adena was rare. Not only that but her elements are rare. No one except the avatar has had more than one element.  Now that the recent avatar has died Adena's potential to become the avatar has emerged, making her ability for the earth, wind, water, & lightning elements to make way. 

Challenged with the task of having to find earth, wind, water, & lightning masters to teach her the elements, Adena and her friends Demetria and Raidyn must find masters to teach them the elements before a rogue fire bender kills all the other bender masters. 

Who will win the chase ?


4. Water Clan

By at least fifteen minutes into training I was sweating a puddle. Since I had been late my punishment was to have this hardcore workout. All the while I was doing this there was only one thing on my mind.

Had I really seen the ghost of my father ?

No, I didn’t see his ghost, I saw his spirit.

Why had he said those abnormal words?

I sighed. Oh well, I guess it doesn’t really matter. It’s not like anything life changing is going to happen to me. I mean seriously, "I send you the element of Water for your eyes are sea blue and oh so clear. I send the you the element of Water because you will rise and become the avatar, Adena, child of the sea and fire”, like I could ever be the avatar. 

“Your highness I think you’ve done enough laps around the track.”, I heard Ember say.

I stopped and walked over to the bench and picked up my water bottle. As I drank, I thought about what y father’s spirit said, "I send you the element of Water”. What exactly did that mean. 

“Hey Ember?”, I asked. 

“Your highness?”

“Has an fire bender ever had more than one element?”, I wondered.

“No I don’t think so. Otherwise that would make them the avatar.”, she replied, “why do you ask?”.

I stopped short. 

If I told her that I saw my late father’s spirit in the corridor,  he spoke to me that he was sending the water element to me, and that I was to become the next avatar, she would think I was crazy. It was enough that I was asking the fact about has a fire bender ever had more than one element. 

“N-no reason, I was just wondering”, I said, stuttering at first.

I would not tell anyone of this encounter with my father’s spirit. If I did, the results would be tragic. I mean, a fire princess having more than one element. Come one, I mean seriously.

After leaving the training center I was walking into the castle doors when an alarm went off. Not just any alarm, the enemy alarm. I ran down the servant’s corridor, then ran up the left wing stairs to the corridor that connected the castle to the battle preparation wing. 

As I ran into the room where Demetria and my mother were getting ready for battle. Demetria putting on earth mage battle clothes, while my mother was putting on fire mage battle clothes. I ran to my cupboard and started to strip and put on my battle uniform. 

Finally, as I put on my sword sheath and followed my mother and Demetria out of the changing rooms and into the corridor, we met up with Father, Demetria’s father, and Raidyn. We all ran down the staircase of the left wig and into the courtyard where we met the enemies, the Water Clan. 

The Water Clan has been enemies of the fire clan for years, all the way since my father the leader of the Water Clan having a child with a fire clan noblewoman. Their child was an abomination to the Water Clan, born of opposites, both flames and water. That child was me. 

I was getting riled up at the fact that they would come and dare challenge me, the abomination and my people. They were invading our land un-invited and they were attacking the castle of all places. This was too wrong. Were they that hell-bent on destroying me, the child that disgraced their people even though I have't done anything to trouble them ?

“What are you doing here Water Clan?”, Father’s voice boomed over the castle courtyard. 

The water clan leader, my unknown uncle, looked up at my father from the ground. I was shocked to see that he was instead of looking at my father he was trying to look around my father and take a glance at me. I was ready to walk down the stairs and into the courtyard myself.

My uncle Assan, the leader of the Water Clan was named The Lord of Water after my father died and my mother and I were banned from the Water Territory forever. I was shunned and named the cursed one after I was born. I was also feared throughout the land, for whenever am mentioned people shiver in fright. It was not until my step-father took us in and named us the new fire princess and lady that I was finally accepted by the world. 

“We have come to see the cursed one.”, my uncle spoke, shaking me out of my trance and back to the real world. Father looked to me and then back to my uncle. He nodded and made the signal to release the water clan from aim. 

Father gestured for me to follow him and go down the stairs to meet my uncle for the first time in years. I reluctantly followed him down the staircase and once I cleared the wall that was next to the stairs the members of the Water Clan gasped, for this was their first time seeing the cursed one. Even my uncle gasped for some unknown reason. 

For some reason I had expected him to scowl but instead he just smiled unquenchably. I was surprised that at a time like this, standing in front of the cursed one, he was able to laugh. Also, the fact that he was just staring at me was starting to creep me out. I mean, the last time he saw me I was only 4 years old. 

“So Adena, it’s been a long time, how’ve you been ?”, Assan asked me. 

I was appalled. 

“Why are you talking to me filthy Water Clan Garbage!?!”, I sneered, “Aren’t you terrified of the so called cursed one that was born of your former lord, your brother Aquarius?”

Assad looked at me and then up at the stairs. 

“I see you up there Edana.”, he said, “come down and face me!”

“How dare you speak to my wife like that!”, Father interrupted, “and I have to say, you dare to talk to the fire princess like the way you have!?!?”.

“It's the better way to get answers.” 

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