Avatars: The Rogue Fire Bender

As a bender Adena was rare. Not only that but her elements are rare. No one except the avatar has had more than one element.  Now that the recent avatar has died Adena's potential to become the avatar has emerged, making her ability for the earth, wind, water, & lightning elements to make way. 

Challenged with the task of having to find earth, wind, water, & lightning masters to teach her the elements, Adena and her friends Demetria and Raidyn must find masters to teach them the elements before a rogue fire bender kills all the other bender masters. 

Who will win the chase ?


2. Adena

Years have passed since The Lord of Fire's wedding. I have grown up to be expected to succeed in the arts of Fire Bending. As I am expected to grow I am expected to respect my elders around them. As the Fire Princess I do not speak to the commoners, instead I train.

Training for me has been the same ever since I was a little girl of eight years old. I was told by my step-father that I would have a year to relax and then it was time to work on containing all the fire power I had built up inside of me and I would focus it through intense training as to put me through some sort of test at the end where I would always succeed my elder who happened to be teaching me. 

I was also in a faint realization, something was happening to my body. At the age of thirteen by now I was on my way to womanhood, but that has already happened to me. So what was going on with me. I had no idea. 

For some odd reason whenever I was near water I would be drawn to it, as if it were calling out to me. I had no idea what these odd feelings were and when I consulted my elders they all told me the same thing, I was on my way to becoming a woman. 

As I went on I was able to visit my other elemental friends that lived in the castle whenever the visited with the other lords of elements. Earth and Lightning were my friends elements. Demetria was a Earth Elemental and was quite good but not yet a master, for she had just found out about her element abilities last year. 

Now Raidyn was a different story. His lightning abilities were extremely rare and not even the lord of lightning himself had the abilities that Raidyn has. The Lord of Lightning was just the son of the last one and became the Lord of Lightning by blood and by no means of any powers. Raidyn had inherited the powers from his father's side but by a large gap in the lineage. For a Lightning Elemental to be born the powers have to add up over a long, long period of time. 

Now me, if I didn't have any training I would have explosions that could wipeout an entire Lordship city. 

I had no idea what I was capable of until I was put through the intense training my father had set up for me at such a young age. I studied for 5 years and I still have thing to learn before I am named an elder at fifteen. 

"ADDDDIIIIII!!!!!!", I heard a voice screech, interrupting my thoughts. 

Oh no! Speak of the Devil. Here comes Demetria!!!

"Hey Demi!!!", I said in a small quirky chirp. 

"Have you heard the news!!!", Demetria said. 

"What!! Our father's are meeting today and I can't wait to sneak up there and find out what about!!", she said. 

I rolled my eyes at her. She could be such a little devil at times. 

Though we always got caught because of her loud laugh, it was still fun to go and listen in on the Lord's meetings. 

"Adena? Demetria?", I heard a small quiet voice ask. 

I looked up from my drawing and saw Raidyn. 

"Hey Sonny of The Lord of Lightning!!!!", Demetria said way too loudly, probably waking up my mother in the room next door.

"Guys will you keep it down!!! Especially you Demetria!!!", i]I said sternly, earning a tongue-out face from Demi.

"So are we going to go?", asked Demetria. 

"Yes now follow me. My father and the other Lords are meeting in a different place this time.", I said, "Due to some little Earth Bender getting us caught by the maids!!!".

Demetria hunkered down low and made a motion of locking her lips with an invisible key and throwing it away. I rolled my eyes and motioned with my hand to follow me down the corridor. 

As we walked along we got closer to the room where the Lords were having they're meeting. I walked to the door and was about to crack open the door when the door knob opened and my father's face appeared. 

I was frozen in place as he looked at me with shock. I expect he wasn't expecting me to know where the meeting was being held. 

I have connections. 

The maids are very high on gossip around the castle.

"Adena what's the meaning of this!?!?!", father said. 

"Uhhhuh-emm-ummmmm......I'm lost?", I tried. That wasn't going to work. 

"Nice try Adena", he said. 

"Anyways I was going to come looking for you three anyhow.", he said, "Come inside. We need to talk".

I didn't know where this was headed but I knew It wasn't going to be good. 

Not at all.......

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