Avatars: The Rogue Fire Bender

As a bender Adena was rare. Not only that but her elements are rare. No one except the avatar has had more than one element.  Now that the recent avatar has died Adena's potential to become the avatar has emerged, making her ability for the earth, wind, water, & lightning elements to make way. 

Challenged with the task of having to find earth, wind, water, & lightning masters to teach her the elements, Adena and her friends Demetria and Raidyn must find masters to teach them the elements before a rogue fire bender kills all the other bender masters. 

Who will win the chase ?


3. A New Element

“So father what did you want with the three of us?”, I asked as I sat down on the pillow seat next to him. 

The fire lord was taken aback for a moment before answering his step-daughter. 

“I need to talk to you about your visits to the villages across the fire kingdom”, he said, “there have been outbreaks of violence against the nobility of the fire kingdom and I wanted to know if you have witnessed anything peculiar about the lower parts of the villages”.

I was wondering what he was talking about so I lied. I had in fact two days earlier seen two men looking straight at me and when I had caught them staring they made this unsuspecting grimace and sort of gave me a hard glare. I had then, thought nothing of it. But now that I had been told there was outbreaks of violence against our nobility, I was beginning to think that those two men had been following me.

“Adena?”, the fire lord said, “Adena did you hear me ?”.

“Oh yes father I’m sorry about that I was just thinking about something I saw two days ago in the lower villages.”, I said smoothly.

“What? What did you say about the lower villages?”, father said abruptly. 

Oops. I was in trouble now. 

“Oh it was beautiful father, absolutely beautiful”, I said in a fake girlish voice, “I just saw these beautiful green fire jade earrings that I just HAD to have, but mother said no!!”.

My step-father was speechless he was gaping as if he was faking it. I knew that he was just shocked to see that I would lie to him like that straight to my face. I also have never in my life been one to gush over something as silly as jewelry-as my mother wished I would.

“Adena I can’t believe that would sit here and lie straight to my face”, the lord of fire said, “I am deeply disappointed in you”.

“But fath-“

“No buts’. I can’t sit here all day and wait for you to tell me what you really saw”, he said, “so if don’t mind I want you to go train with ember.”

“But father! I was just-“

“I said go train with ember!”

“Yes sir…”

I frowned as I got up and walked past my step-father. Sometimes I really think that guy was trying to get me to train till I die even though I am the fire princess. Ember is an energetic fire master who is trying to teach me to make a wall of flames, the most hardest fire spell I have tried to do yet. You see, Ember is a level 9 mage. Which means she is an absolute master, the level just below the ultimate level 10 of the avatar reincarnations themselves. 

As I walked down the corridor going to the underground training center I heard footsteps behind me. I instantly lit my fire magic ti protect myself, but what I saw prevented me. What I saw was absolutely unnerving.

My father.

“B-but your dead! You're supposed to be dead!! You died in my arms!”, I screamed. 

His mouth did not dare move, he was too still for me to do anything. His long blonde hair flowing in the heated wind created by my fire magic was beautiful. It was if he was really here any now standing in front of me. 

“Daddy?”, I tried.

He brought his hand up to silence me. I silenced instantly, for he was starting to glow bright gold.

“What’re you do-“

“I give you the powers of the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and streams; for they are your brethren and I am their creator”, father said in a shrill ghost-like voice. It sent chills down my spine and throughout my body.

“I send you the element of Water for your eyes are sea blue and oh so clear. I send the you the element of Water because you will rise and become the avatar, Adena, child of the sea and fire.

I was getting seriously weirded out now. I was going to become the avatar. Nope. Not gonna happen. I knew it!! This is a dream! I slipped on the floor and hit my head on something!! This is all fake and just a dream!!

That is what I thought.

I walked into the training center and found Ember sitting on the bench with her hands folded pleasantly, as if she was saying I was late.

“Uhh, Ember ?”

She opened her eyes and smiled pleasantly. 

“Well hi there your highness!!”, she said, ecstatic. 

This was not going to be fun.

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