Unexpected guest


1. Unexpected Guest

Unexpected Guest


I was at my lap top, working on a deadline. I still had 5 days to transfer the work to Headquarters.  I was not worried. I only had a few hours of easy work left to do.  I have left the doors unlocked for my dog and kids to come in after playing in the backyard.

A fellow walks in and settles himself into my husband’s room.  My husband and I each have rooms of our own. It is an arrangement that works well, as we tend to work through the night sometimes.  I am startled.  Who is this fellow ?  We are not expecting anyone.  Our city is a very safe place and no one can walk into our suburb unless they are decent.  So I am not worried about safety.

I walk out into my backyard and call the kids in for early morning tea. I make one for our unexpected guest and he accepts it gratefully. Quite a handsome guy but I like my men on the taller side. My husband unfortunately isn’t tall either but I liked him a lot so I compromised on height.  And we are still going strong after 10 years.

I am on cloud nine.  I have made good money and the cake recipe I tried out came out great. I offer some to everyone.  My new guest sets up his laptop and makes a phone call.  Hi! It’s Dadlish here he says. So that’s his name. Must be some distant relative of mine.  My family usually informs me if any relative drops in.  My husband is working in a neighbouring town for the next 3 years.  SoI figured Dadlish could take his room.  The sheets were changed yesterday. It is Saturday and my kids don’t have school. It’s also a long weekend so they have their cake and tea and head out to play in the backyard again. My dog settles down in his comfy chair outside. I do the same.  There is no rush for lunch. I am planning to make pulao today, a favourite with the kids.

I check on Dadlish.  He is still on the phone. Hi sis! He says! I have plenty of siblings. My Dad had relationships with 3 women over the span of 20 years.  So he could be the son of one of the ladies from a previous relationship. No point speculating. He will tell me. Or am I one of those people he is just universally calls sis.

Dadlish is making quite a number of phone calls. Hi Darling ! He is saying. I must sleep now. I am jet lagged. How are the kids ?  He is planning to fall asleep. I offer him the small guest room.  My husband is expected on Monday.  I turn the air con on and he settles down. Wonder where he has been !  All in good time. Suri, my husband can find out. We are in no rush.

The caretaker of our rented guest house drops in.  He checks everything out and leaves. No need to do anything for 5 years, he tells me.  I decide to take it easy.  Submarine style sandwiches for lunch. Yum...!  And super easy to make. I have already cut up the vegetables and they are marinating in my special vinegar mix. Dadlish wakes up and I offer him a cup of cold Milo.  It’s a pleasant day. I ask him if he is married. He just laughs in a giggly sort of way. He pulls out a photo and there is a photo of a beautiful girl and 2 babies. Twins he tells me. So he is not some lost soul who has forgotten his family.  “How do we know you ?”   “Dad said I could crash in here”.  “And look for a job.  Will you help me ?” “ My Dad?” I ask  “ Yes our Dad.” “ Then you must be my brother! My my ! how you have grown. How come you married without telling me.” “Oh! I am not married yet. “

“Where did you come from?” “China” he says. “I have been there for the last 10 years. My girl friend is Chinese American.” I nod. Did you change your name ?  Oh! Everyone calls me Dadlish.  That’s my kind of home name. “ “Lunch will be ready at 1 pm I tell him.”  “I am in no rush”, he tells me.  “Where is your husband?” “He is technically not my husband. He is the dad of one of my kids. He visits when he is in town. I have 2 kids from my ex guy friends.  They still fancy me but I just laugh it off.  I am not interested in marriage. “

“You are just like Dad. Dad never married either.”

“I am what is called a stud, cover girl” :-0

“I have this friend I want to visit. Can I take the kids along?”

“Sure “ I tell him. “Lunch will be ready by the time you come back.

8 months later

Dadlish has found a job.  He lives with us now and the kids are delighted to have an uncle living with them.  His wife has moved in with us and the twins are growing fast. I sure can do with the company.  It is nice to have family. Dadlish is very funny. We are both very social and friends are always dropping in on us.  I have help with the kids when I have to travel for work. I mostly work from home. We have extended the house to accommodate so many of us.  Dad is pleased I am not alone.  My guy friends visit me once in a while.

************The end******************

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