Lilly is framed for something she didn't do, what will happen when she goes to Florida and meets a certain boy?


2. Chapter Two

My feet smack the pavement, my chest heaves with every heavy breath I take. A restaurant owner called the cops on me because I was salvaging his garbage. I stop, trying to catch my breath. I shake my head, pushing my hood off of my head and sitting on the sand. I listen to the ocean as I lean against the pole of the pier. I hear sirens flying by and I sink to the sand. When did my life become this huge mess? I shake my head and let a tear slip from my eye. 
I walk into the little cafe and bump into someone. "Oh, sorry." They murmur and I just grunt, going and sitting in the corner. I look over the menu, my stomach begins to grumble when I read over the words 'blueberry muffin'. A girl with platinum blonde hair braided into pigtails walks up to me with a smile plastered on her face.
"Hello there, what can I get for you?" She asks and I look down at the muffin pictured and then back up at her. 
"One blueberry muffin please." I murmur and she nods, walking away and I look out the window.
"You seem distracted." My head shoots to the voice and a guy with blonde hair is smiling at me.
"You could say that." I mutter and he nods. "Avoiding is more the term." I say, making eye contact with him.
"Avoiding?" He asks and the girl comes back.
"Pay at the register when you are ready." She says, bouncing away. I savagely scarf down my blueberry muffin while this stranger watches me.
"Problem?" I hiss and he cocks an eyebrow.
"You're eating like a man does in prison." He says and I just shrug, getting up. I head to the register and start digging through my pockets. I just got 5 dollars this morning for this very moment. 
"Ma'am do you have the money for this?" The girl urges, looking less than pleased. 
"Just let me keep searching." I say, digging around in my pockets still.
"Here you dropped this." The guy from earlier comes up behind me, handing the 5 dollar bill out to the girl. She takes it and gives me back my change. I turn to give it to the guy but he is already gone. I shove it in my pocket and quickly leave.

Hiiii! It's Christy! This chapter was slow and I am sorry but I wanted to get you guys an update! But anyway, I really hope you enjoy this story, I am co-writing for Alex and I am super excited about it! Well, until next time! -C

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