Lilly is framed for something she didn't do, what will happen when she goes to Florida and meets a certain boy?


3. Chapter Three


 As I walk and look around I look for possible places for me to stay. So far it's turning into a huge fail. I also keep looking for the blonde I saw, but to my luck, of course, I don't see him. I look around and see it's starting to get dark so I head for a park and I sit on one of the benches. 


I look around and luckily it isn't quite dark yet. There are a lot of people walking around and I'm honestly jealous of them. They all look so happy like they have no problem in the whole word. For me, it seems like the whole world is against me. I hate myself to be honest, I hate my town, I hate my parents, I hate everyone. I roll my eyes slightly and get up and start walking. I, of course, pull my hood up just in case the news traveled fast about me.


As I am about to leave the park I hear a familiar voice yelling. "Hey!" I turn my head back and see the blonde from earlier. He just jogs up to me and stops. "What do you want?" I ask and he chuckles. "Sassy today aren't we?" I just look at him then turn to start walking. He walks beside me. "New to the area I assume?" I ignore him, still looking forward. "I'll take your silence as a yes. Anyway if you'd like I could show you around the city sometime." I glanced over at him. "Why? Do you always go up to strangers and offer them tours?"


He huffs and crosses his arms. "No, I'm just trying to make conversation and be nice." I roll my eyes. " I don't even know your name." He smiled and holds his hand out. "I'm Niall, Niall Horan." I just poke his hand. "I'm Lilly and you don't get to know my last name." He rolls his eyes but smiles nonetheless. "I'll take it I guess, I'll just call you Lilly the flower."


I smirk. "Do and I'll call you Niall the whore." He shakes his head. "Swear you are the sassiest thing alive." "Proud to be one, now can you leave me alone?" He shakes his head and pulls his phone out. "I will only leave if you give me your number, because I know you won't be able to resist a tour with me." I take his phone and type it in, handing it back." There, now goodbye!" He just laughs then turns and leaves.


What did I just get myself into? I shake my head and start looking around and eventually find a hotel that was actually cheap enough for me to stay at least one night. So once I pay and check in I go into my room and sit on the bed.


I suppose tomorrow will be an interesting day I guess. I get up and take all of my clothes off and get into the shower. I'll tell you now, it felt amazing to finally get clean and to have the hot water hitting my back. I stayed in there for a while, doing what I needed to do and when I was done I dried off and got into my sweats and tank top. After my nightly routine I go over to the bed and get under the covers and as soon as I closed my eyed I was out like a light.


Hey Guys! I finally updated. :) I hope you guys are liking the story so far! - Alex

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