Lilly is framed for something she didn't do, what will happen when she goes to Florida and meets a certain boy?


1. Chapter One


Lilly's P.O.V

     Who would have figured that the colors red, white and blue could represent freedom, yet, ironically it represents the cops, the law. Who would have known that one mistake or one assumption could turn your life upside down? Who would know that you were kicked out of your parents life because they don't believe you and are scared? My life is a mess and has been for a while. I would own up to something this huge, but this time is different. I'm innocent. My parents made an assumption and because they wouldn't let me explain they called the cops. After the call was made I made a sprint out the door and down the street. I ran and ran until I couldn't run anymore and I tried hiding the best I could. I'm being framed for something I didn't do. Currently, I'm hiding in an old abandoned building, listening to the sirens as they pass by.


     I just sigh and look around. I am exhausted and beyond mad. I've been homeless for a few months now and it hasn't been exactly easy. I sometimes go a day without eating or I eat at least once a day. I try and find whatever I can but it's impossible, especially when most people could care less about a homeless girl or any other person in this situation. Since they kicked me out I have tried getting jobs but the majority of the time it doesn't work out. I have no home so I can't exactly clean up or look presentable. I just wish things could my way for once in my life. I wish I could just take it all back or just put life on pause and take a break. Unfortunately, that's not how it works, that would be why I'm sitting in a corner of this building.


     I try and rest my eyes for a little bit but it seems impossible. Would you want to sleep in a creepy abandoned building? I don't think so. Somehow though I did manage to get at least two to four hours. When I did officially wake up I knew I had to leave, so I got up and looked around. I didn't have anything to bring with me except for my jacket, I started to discretely walk out of the building and towards to woods. Why would I walk towards the woods? You can make your way through it to get to the highway faster. I walk through and get to the road and with my luck there was a truck coming towards me. I started to move my hands around and yell at him to stop. Luckily he did and I climbed in with him and told him to take me anywhere but here. That is how I ended up from Arkansas to Florida, and the final question is this. Who would have known that just going to one place or meeting one person could change your life forever? This is where Florida wouldn't just be some state. This place would mean the absolute world to me. Where I met him. We will be getting to that later though.~~~~~


Florida, it's honestly so pretty down here compared to other areas. The beaches are phenomenal. Right now I'm walking along the beach, watching the waves and the children playing. The weather was absolutely perfect. Eventually, I get to some benches and I sit down, keeping my hood pulled up so people or cops wouldn't recognize me.


I'm a little bit jealous of the kids that are hanging out with their parents or the older kids hanging out with their friends. All because of one mistake I lost everything. I sigh and just relax the best I can before I start walking around to find another place to sleep.


I hope you guys will like this story! I will be co-writing with someone purely amazing! - Alex


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