Have you ever wondered what was really in the woods when you heard a howl at night, or saw the full moon beaming down on the dark trees? I have since I was little and now I know. It was a girl. A few months younger than me but that didn't stop the curiosity from seeing multiple scars over her body and the peculiar way she ran. Violetta is mystery herself as I try to solve and figure her out.


2. Tree Lady

Man, this morning is so boring. Maybe I should find Alyssa and convince her to go to the mall with me. My phone sounded soon after entering the school grounds.

'Yo man, get yo ass to the main grounds, you gotta check out this chick!' Now that's what I'm talking about Alex! Alex has been my right hand man for the longest time that I can remember. Jogging over to the main grounds, I could see a large crowd around the tree that stood in front of the grounds. It's kind of like a thing for the school saying 'it's been here since the school was made.' This school is old as fuck I'll tell you that.

"Yo my man!" I was pulled into my usual greeting between Alex and I as he pointed up to the tree. "There is a girl up in the tree," Wait, he told me to come here for that?

"Alex, I didn't come here to have you tell me about a girl in a tree. Why did you really bring me here-She's going for it!" I looked up to see a girl wearing cheetah printed panties under her fluttering skirt. Holy shit. My pants tensed as she got on her all fours upon a thick branch, crawling to the end. What is she getting exactly?

I stepped over to a girl gripping her shoulder to turn her slightly. Her face instantly showed surprise that someone like me would touch her "Hey cutie, do you know what she's doing?" A light blush coated her cheeks as she looked back at the cheetah-printed panties girl.

"She's rescuing a cat actually." A cat? Treading past her I got closer to the tree. Blowing black swirls floated and flew behind her as the wind picked up. Her arm reached for a small object as it backed up, that stupid cat. A loud snap occurred as a part of the branch fell. Screeches as well as screams flew up in the air when the branch clattered to the ground.

"Miss! Please stay there! We will retrieve someone to come and get you-" The girl stood and slowly climbed down until her foot slipped on a small branch. A deadly silence overcame the crowd before her hands gripped a branch, clinging to dear life. "Hold tight!!" A voice yelled as my feet flew to under the tree, looking up at the girl who struggled to pull herself up.

I said the only thing I could think of, "No! Let go! I'll catch you!" I shouted into the wind as it carried my voice to her. She glanced over her shoulder before letting go. Her black hair fluttered as her body landed within my arms. She's not as light as the anorexic girls in my school. My ass collided with the ground as I held her tight before laying on the ground. Shit.

A loud cheering came from around as a weight was lifted off my crotch, I squinted up at the bright sky as she leaned over to extend a hand to me. "Thanks for breaking my fall." I sat up, taking her hand before pulling her to my laying form, kissing her hard on the lips. Her lips are so soft and smooth.

"No problem Cheetah panties," A deep blush covered her cheeks as I could see Alex come up behind. A muffled mewl escaped her chest as I looked at her shocked and puzzled. She looked down at her chest before a cat popped out, climbing onto my chest and dashing across the green field of the school yard. Scrambling up and away, she was soon encountered with the authority of the school. I propped myself up on my elbows as the crowd dispersed, a hand stuck itself out to me, Alex.

"Dude, you are wild my man! Kissing a girl right there in front of everyone and you don't even know her!"He shot me up from the ground as I landed on my feet, brushing off my shirt, "I heard she's a newbie here. I mean I've never seen her around before but if I did; I'd be all over that." Alex you're such a dog.


"Look, it's her again!" I glanced over from my tray to see her sitting alone outside. Long black hair, wild but tamed, fluttered softly in the wind as she stretched."You should really go talk to her, I bet she's waiting for you too." A smirk slowly worked its way onto my face as I thought about it. Making a girl fall for me with just a kiss. She could be another one of my little toys.

"Okay, watch and learn Alex. This is how you get girls." I stood and began sauntering towards her. Her frame turned just enough to catch sight of an approaching me. I opened the door to the outside table area just to see her cramming her stuff into her bag before taking off quickly, with her navy blue AirWalks.

I'm into fashion, so what? I like to look good. Especially if it's to get the girls. I scowled as I heard the howling laughter of Alex behind me, his hand clasping onto my shoulder, "You showed me! I've never seen a girl run so fast away from you!" His laughter continued before he left to go back inside.

I've never had a girl run away from me. Even in elementary school. They always flocked to me like I was a superstar of some sort. John Alabaster, one of the populars within the school. That's who I am. I clenched my fist and smirked as I thought up one thing.

I will get what I want. I will get Miss Cheetah Panties and make her fall hard for me. A small glint caught my eye as I walked over to where she last sat before she ran away. A keychain? It was a small wolf laying on a full moon. She'll notice it's gone some day, then she'll go looking for it. I went back inside with my cruel plan as well as her keychain and attached it to the ring of my keys.


Who knew she'd be in one of my classes. This is too precious! I chuckled as I finished the worksheet for Algebra Two. Synthetic Division is so easy I don't understand how people could get it wrong. She looks like she's having a tough time too. Maybe I should help her, show her that I'm smart and handsome. A great catch I'd say. Pushing my seat out, her head turned enough to glance at me over her shoulder. She has the lightest blue eyes I've ever seen. Her hands grabbed a paper and a pencil before she jumped over to a guy, "Um, hello, I was wondering if you could help me with number six?"

She really is avoiding me! She saw me this time too when she moved! I sat back in my seat with a huff as I clenched my fist in my pants pocket as a girl came up to my seat. I looked up to see Alyssa, her long blonde and perfectly curled hair framing her face with pink lips and brown eyes. I smiled as she spoke, "Hey John, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tomorrow after school. I'm free and I also need help with number ten." She placed her paper on my desk as I sat up from slouching.

The bell went by slowly as I confirmed a promise with Alyssa to hang out with her after school tomorrow. I changed my shirt before glancing in the men's locker room mirror. I'm not ripped but I've got a good six-pack and a slender but firm build. I think that too much muscle just makes you look like you're on steroids. Though I like to be muscular. Picking up girls without effort, defending myself successfully, and it's looks great.


"Alright, it's racing day! Warm ups are first though." My teacher shouted as we got into our squads. I love squats so much. I watched as the breasts bounced whether they were big or small. I'm only observing, come on; for now. Jumping jacks are great too along with stretching. Girls are the best thing ever. Thank you God.


I leaned against the fence with Alex. I'm so glad I have gym with Alex. He's like my brother from another mother. "Hey she's here again," Alex nodded over to Cheetah-Panties as she had her hair in a loose ponytail. It's going to fall out like that. Her gym shorts look a little tight on her while her shirt is just perfect. Now that's what I'm talking about.

I watched further to see a group of girls gather around her, seeing one push her. Now this is gonna be good. I observed as they spoke to her. Probably cursing her out for kissing me and touching me. I caught her remember? "I don't think this is good," Alex pushed himself off the fence just as the girls left. She stood there not saying a word or attempting to get revenge. Usually, there's a cat fight over me. I guess they put her in her place, from their point-of-view.

"Alright, come and place your name on the page. Pick two." I watched as the crowd gathered around the paper, signing before leaving. I guess I have to. Walking with Alex by my side, I signed for the remaining few; 100 meter dash and the hurdle jumping.

I clasped hands with Alex, "I guess I'll be racing you on the boys 100 meter dash. Good luck my man." We got in place the track for the dash. I glanced over at the girls on the fence, hearing and seeing them cheer for individuals. Her light blue eyes caught mine as the countdown started, "Three, Two, FWEET!!" The whistle blew as I dashed off. Being neck and neck with Alex I couldn't help but take the lead for my own as I passed across the line first.

Cheers erupted as girls came up to me once I got off the track. I'm so used to the compliments but it's always great to hear them. "Thank you ladies," I looked over the small gathering to see that she had moved and was walking towards the track as they set up the hurdles for the girls. Now this will be fun.

"Sorry Alex, I just couldn't let you win. Not with all the girls watching and all." I chuckled as he punched me in the arm.

"It's good, let's just see how newbie does." The whistle blew as I noticed a few girl who were harassing her earlier were doing it as well. She was way off though. She jumped hurdle after hurdle like it was nothing. Jumpy much? After clearing the jumping of the hurdle's, you have to run a few meters to the finish line. Her foot gave way before falling and rolling. I got up to my feet, jogging over quickly as she got up and finished third out of five.

"You saw that too." I could only nod as I looked at the girl celebrating her victory with her fake friends. There's a few things I hate, and that's sore losers. Alex caught my gaze before shaking his head as I got on the track once more for the hurdle jumping.


"Alright! I know you all are tired but it's just one last thing. The four hundred meter. Come on up!" I rested against the fence as I saw Cheetah-Panties get on the line closest to the inner field. I jumped up and perched myself on the fence, watching with a view as they readied them selves. Come on. You got this.

The whistle rang out into the silent field, then they were off. She ran with the top three, gaining on the second one after a while. "You're half way there come on!!" I shouted out loudly as her gaze caught mine, her hair tie falling out to let her black hair flutter behind her, until she was tripped again.

She rolled onto the ground, doing a somersault and saving herself by- running on all fours?! A loud clamor rose as everyone watched her gain incredible speed up to the first runner. She's passing her on all fours!! "GO CHEETAH GO!!" I shouted loudly as she came running around the last of the turn and past us all to finish first.

She wears Cheetah-printed panties, she runs away from me when ever I get near her, and she runs on all fours? This is some crazy newbie here at our school. I fled from the fence to run over to her sitting frame, hearing her pant harshly. I wonder if she did that out of reflex or some shit. "Hey, that was pretty great Cheetah-Panties," I held out my hand to her as she flinched. She stood to run away but only winced and collapsed to the ground, "Take it easy, are you okay?"

Her ankle was red and visibly swollen while she shook her head, "It's when she tripped you isn't it?" She didn't shake her head this time but I knew it was true.

Tugging on her arm, I squatted down to swoop her up and carry her. "H-Hey! What are you doing?! Put me down- I'm taking you to the nurse, so shut up and let me." I glared into her blue gaze before she huffed and looked away. Girls are so weird at times. Thee other girls would die to have me carry them in my arms like a princess.


"She'll be fine, thank you for carrying her here." The nurse consulted with me as I lead myself back into the small room where she sat on the bed looking out the window. I knocked on the open door frame to see her turn her head, "Oh, hi.."

"What's that supposed to mean. It's almost as if you don't want me here, Cheetah-Panties." A deep blush coated her face and before I knew it, she had slapped me right across the face, open-handed.

I glared at her ready to explode about being generous and 'I don't do this to everyone' until her eyes became watery. "I don't want you here. Do you hear me? You egotistical bastard who steals kisses from girls you don't even know. Leave me alone." This is hella new to me. No girl has- well, one now so far; ever told me off like that.

"I helped you and you want to be left alone? Most girls would kill to be in your position, do you even understand that right now?" I leaned closer to her with a sharp edge on my words, whispering.

"I don't care who you are, or where you're from, or who likes or loves you. Leave me alone, pervert." Pervert huh? Saying I'm a pervert now? Gripping her wrist tightly, I leaned forward fast enough to close the gap and kiss her again, but hard on the lips.

"You'll soon want to know who I am and what I'm doing after this day. I'll be the only thing running through your pretty little head. Just remember the name John, and it'll all come flying back to you when you're trying to go to sleep." Her face was stunned as a small blush panted itself on her face. I smirked before letting her wrist go, and walking out of the room.

I'm no good for her, but I'll make sure she falls for me, and hard by the time school is over with. You will be mine to toy with Cheetah-Panties.

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