Have you ever wondered what was really in the woods when you heard a howl at night, or saw the full moon beaming down on the dark trees? I have since I was little and now I know. It was a girl. A few months younger than me but that didn't stop the curiosity from seeing multiple scars over her body and the peculiar way she ran. Violetta is mystery herself as I try to solve and figure her out.


4. Strange Happenings

In a low lit room, a beautiful black dress, twirling and spreading across an empty floor as it dances. A hand reaches out for mine, though within a millisecond, I'm grasped and pulled into a warm embrace. Who is this? Dancing the waltz, I'm twirling a girl in circles before pulling her close to dip her lowly to the floor. Her white skin glowing and glittering before I hear a crack.

What the hell? I look around the room to find that it's been transformed into a large dancing ballroom with windows lining most of the walls. A moon spectates outside while shining it's moonbeams through the window. What's with this dream? "John," a ladies voice calls out as a cold touch makes me shudder. I turn my face back to the woman in my arms, whom I'm still dancing with, to see black scars appearing over her body. Littering the once spotless white with stripes and gashes of black. Her face is blurry, I can't make out who it is. This is a really weird- "Don't you love this night?"

"What night is this?" I ask in a deeper voice, wait, when did my voice get this low? We waltz into the moonlight where she lifts her veil of a transparent black revealing, Violetta.

"Our wedding silly, don't you remember?" Wedding?! I don't remember a wedding! I find myself chuckling before I step closer, seeing her twirl before tripping on her dress and falling against the window, hearing it crack and shatter. I didn't chuckle, why can't I control myself? Feeling myself rush to her, a low growl escapes her sitting form. Violetta?

"D-Don't get any closer..." Her voice is hoarse, though not long after, she's coughing horribly as if something is stuck in her throat.

"Violetta? Please let me- NO!!" My legs dropped to the ground in front of her, grasping her trembling and shivering self before a wet substance was barfed up and all over my suit. You little bitch! How can you just barf all over me?! If I were in control of my body I'd pummel you! "Violetta- Oh no." My gaze is forced up to see a bright full moon before I'm wiping at my suit, seeing red stain my fingers. What...

A horrible crackling and crunching of bones echos and pounds itself into my ears before a loud alarm sounds off. I wince and cover my ears seeing Violetta standing in front of the broken window. Her lips move but no sound comes out. What did you say? Tell me! "No. No, Violetta no! Please No, NO!!" I screamed as loud as my throat allowed me to while watching her form fall out of the window.

"NO!!" I yelled once more before scrambling to see her but not able to as it turned white, enveloping me in a warmer, hot sweaty feeling. Violetta no, No... NO!!


"Get a hold of yourself!!" A hard slap connected itself to my cheek as I shot up, looking around desperately for a dead body, maybe blood, though definitely, Violetta... My breath comes in gasps of air as I saw Alex towering over me with a confused, worried expression. Why the hell do I have to wake up to your ugly face? I got another slap to the cheek. Maybe I said that one out loud this time.

"Dude, are you okay? You just screamed in your sleep. What the hell was in that dream of yours?" Wait, so it was a dream? I sat up feeling my body slick with sweat, bringing up my hands to see they were clean but clammy. No blood.

A chuckle escaped my throat before loud laughter, "It was about fat chicks in my dream. You'd never believe how repulsive they were!" It was just a dream. She's still alive though, right? A crack of thunder summoned my attention to see it was storming outside. I better get ready for school. Alive, right..?


Washing out the conditioner, I cringed, still thinking about the dream. Her blood on me, my hands. Her frame falling out the window. "Our wedding silly, don't you remember?" Wedding? Oh god. I'm going crazy. Closing my eyes, I rested on a wet warm wall of the shower, thinking long and hard about the dream. Yes, the one I'm trying to forget.

Her black hair had flowing waves while her light blue eyes stood out against the black dress she had on. Dark blue lipstick covered her natural pink lips as her skin literally looked ghost white. Though why did she have all those black scars all over her? Is it just a dream being a dream? She seemed like a goth bride. Dark and depressing but, that smile looked so carefree and happy. How could she have been depressed. "Our wedding.."

Her words still echo in my ears, ah! I turned off the scalding water before jumping out and drying off. Just forget about it John, she's just a girl. This dream means nothing. It's stupid anyway. She's too stubborn to die.  Violetta... That stupid bitchy girl.


The storm carried on through class, even when it reached third period, Violetta wasn't there. It's so quiet without someone to bother.

PE was canceled for the outside activities and instead we played volleyball. The girls short shorts, the bouncing breasts as they ran, jumped and slammed the balls. I'm not even interested right now. What's wrong with me? Get it together John! She's just a stupid girl. Yeah, I bet she doesn't want to ruin her make up so she stayed home.

Wait, that's not right. That one time in the hall way. I don't know, "Heads up John!!" I looked up to have a ball hit me square in the face. What is with people and things hitting my beautiful face today? I already know that my beauty is a crime, but damn!

Sitting on the side lines, I held a bag of ice cubes to my face while a tissue was shoved up my nose. Yeah, I got a nose bleed too. Fucking great. I adjusted the uncomfortably cold bag, taking in a deep breath and resting my eyes.

"D-Don't get any closer..." Wait what? My legs dropped to the ground in front of her, grasping her trembling and shivering self- I remember this, this is- My gaze is forced up to see a bright full moon before I'm wiping at my suit, seeing red stain my fingers. "John!!" I flinch, realizing some girls are giggling at me from spacing out way too deeply.

"It's time to go John!" When did PE end? "Yea, it's time to get changed," They skipped and jogged off, going to the girls side leaving me stranded on the wall. I guess it is time to go. No balls bouncing or lights being targeted and falling to the ground, I guess it's time to go change.

"John, you look awful my man," Lifting me up, I groan, feeling dizzy from the sudden stance. "Let's get changed and then go home."

"Don't you remember what I accidentally said this morning about- Ow!" I laughed after being punched in the arm by him. This dumb ass. So he does remember what I said. 


"So, should we just go home, I'm actually starving and I've got the money this time. Could we stop by Chik-fil-a?" I nod, starting my mustang up before leaving the school lot. I've got to really clear my head about that useless girl. "John!!" I stomp on the brakes to see a dash of brown over my hood. What the hell?!

"I am sick and tired of all this bull shit happening to me today!!" Swinging the door open, I jumped out and ran after the brown wolf now dashing into the forest beside the road. "Damn wolf!!" Giving up on the chase, I jogged back to my mustang, now pulled over to the road and an annoyed Alex sitting within it.

"You need to get your act together man. Today is not like you at all. Are you still freaking over that dream about the fucking ugly chicks?" His laughter pierced the air as I chuckled with him.

"Probably so, man I-" A vibration ran through my leg before I pulled out my phone.

AssAlyssa: Hey, you free right now? I was wondering if we could hang out for a bit. :)

Hell yeah. "Sorry dude, I got a girl waiting on me now. I'll drive you to Chik-fil-a tomorrow; breakfast and after school. How does that sound?" I rushed out while hopping in the car. Alex blew out an annoyed breath before taking out a soda from his bag and chugging it. Sorry man chicks before dicks at times am I right?

Pulling up to her house, she sat on the tree swing in her front yard wearing a cream colored skirt with a light blue top. Hmm, a nice calm outfit. The car softly rested while I opened the door, having a body embrace me, knocking me back into the seat. "Hey John, how are you?" Her hair smells like strawberries. Strawberries?

"I eat what I want, butt out." A strawberry soon rolled to touch my wrist. Cool, she gave me one. A hard slap came to my hand as I reached for it, seeing it being snatched for my vision.

She has slapped me, poured water on me, kicked me, Maybe I should do something about her horrible attitude. "John?" I looked over to see big brown eyes staring into my own. "I was wondering if, you wanted to be with me, like, be my boyfriend..." Boyfriend? I mean, she's not bad in bed, in fact, I can probably make her even better. She already likes me and I had a crush on her in the second grade too. Make-out sessions, hot late nights, I could do this.
"I've been thinking about it for a while too but I just never had the right timing I guess," I scratched the back of my neck as if I were nervous, seeing her squeal and a large smile spread across her lips. Why do girls get so excited about this kind of stuff? Though if she knew what I was really thinking, she'd be heart broken.

"Oh my gosh, let me text this real quick!" Wait, is she going to tell the whole school? I watched her skip over to the tree swing as I got out of my car, following her. She slid open her phone and went to messages to click on a person named Wolfy. What the hell kinda name is that. Wait was she with someone else before me? I straitened my posture and smirked. Well, I mean I am pretty damn good looking and I am hot. Who could blame her?

A little bark sounded whilst we stood in silence, I guess the dude replied. Hah, I wonder if he's pouting and bitching about it. "She approves!~" Wait, she? Is she a lesbian? This will be even better than I thought! "Who are you texting babe?" I peered over her shoulder, meeting her gaze as she smiled.
"Violetta, you know, the new girl?" Wait what- "I'm in her first and third class and we have lunch together sometimes, but she usually likes to eat alone; I wonder why. Do you know? Are you friends with her?" How is she friends with someone else but not me!

"Yeah we're friends," I said a bit uncertain as she tilted her head at me. Shit, I should've just said yes.

"Want me to give you her number? Then you guys can get closer and we can all be friends!" I really love this chick at times. She did a few things before the number was in my own phone. Now, let's have the fun start.
"I really appreciate this Alyssa, thanks babe," I whispered into her ear before kissing her neck, feeling her shiver and shy away while looking at me with those large brown eyes. Her hand reached up before yanking me down to a deep and rough kiss.
I've been waiting for this too Alyssa, It's been a while since we last had some, personal, time together. Now I can forget about that stuck-up brat named Violetta and that damned dream about a weird wedding. I shivered physically before picking Alyssa up and heading up to her house. "Anybody home Alyssa?" I could see her shake her head at my question in the corner of my eye while I headed up stairs to her room which was actually rather nice.

"It's all on you Alyssa," I whispered as I towered over her, feeling her grasp my face and pull me in for a deep kiss. This girl is going to get in trouble from being with me. Though, I'll get what I want out before the time ends. She's going to be destroyed when this ends, I know it..

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