Have you ever wondered what was really in the woods when you heard a howl at night, or saw the full moon beaming down on the dark trees? I have since I was little and now I know. It was a girl. A few months younger than me but that didn't stop the curiosity from seeing multiple scars over her body and the peculiar way she ran. Violetta is mystery herself as I try to solve and figure her out.


1. Save Us

​"Please, J-John, help me. I-I don't know what to do... I-I can ba-barely-" Her voice sounded so rough as it squeaked and started coughing. I sat up in my bed as my mind raced with thoughts.

"Violetta, calm down please. Are you at home?" Please be at home.

"I'm at my first home..." Shit. Grabbing my jacket and keys to my old busted truck, I flew down the stairs just as my mom gripped my arm. Her gaze didn't hold hate or disgust, but some worry. She handed me a black case.

"Violetta, I need you to call the police. Please- I-I can't J-John please..." I can see her now. Crying. Hurt. Cold. Alone.  "I'll be there soon, I need to hang up though and call the police, please. I'll be there soon." Her voice was so small but I caught what she said before a slow beeping sounded.

"Hurry to me, John, please...."

Her hand was trembling and she put the key in my other hand, "Please be careful." Dad's gun. Mom told me he only used it once to defend us. When I was only a small child. I could only hug her tightly, kissing her cheeks before dashing out to my truck and tearing through the slowly darkening day.

She only showed me once where she used to live after getting adopted into a family who found her drinking out of a lake. I still remember when I first saw her run like a dog on the track. She looked so comfortable and free, until she started getting bullied.

I raced towards the forest and skidded to a stop. I grabbed the case and opened it to find a pistol laying there as if peacefully sleeping. I could feel the tremble within myself. "Get it together!!" Grabbing the stupid inanimate object, I ran out of the truck after shaking it with the slam of the door. Violetta, I'll be there soon.

Rain soon started pouring down, making the once stable leafy ground, mushy with mud and hard to walk through. Slipping on a root, I fell and got a mouthful of dirt and leaves. She has got to be tough if she lived out here for a good while. A howl sounded before it got closer. I stood up, wincing at my right leg. A wolf stopped in front of me before walking forward to bite my pants and pull hard. "Show me to her please!" I shouted as it ran off.

I've never felt so wild, not like in school with being an ex-playboy. I was led to her frame laying on the ground calmly as if she were asleep. Her head turned and looked at me with a joyful smile and a bloody eye. I thought my heart would stop at the wretched sight.

I fell to my knees and held her close to me, breathing in the dirt, and the rain as the wolf nuzzled under my arm to rest its large head across her chest, licking her neck. "I knew you would come..." She sounds way worse than on the phone. I lifted her up just as the wolf ripped its head out and growled behind us.

"Drop that abomination and turn slowly with your hands up." Who is this? I could only place her down gently as she started weeping softly. I whispered, "Please don't cry, we'll be okay."

I wiped soaking hair from her face before standing once again, facing a middle aged man. He was bleeding from bites, I'm guessing wolves. A gun glinted in the moonlight while the rain poured down even worse than before, thunder cracking over head like a whip. "Who are you!" I shouted over the stormy weather.

He raised the gun slowly to me before an insane smile covered his lips, ugly and jacked up teeth showing themselves as he answered, "I am that abomination's father, didn't you know? This little thing is a curse to man kind and needs to die. Disgusting thing." He clicked the pistol just as a flash of fur jumped and bit his hand, bringing the man down. A shot rang through the trees as I pulled out my father's gun, holding it towards the man. "You think you can kill me boy?! Do it! Pull the trigger!"

A loud whimpering noise made its way to my ears, he shot the wolf, her first ever family. I could hear her growl behind me before howling into the night. The cracking of bones was horrible to hear as I turned slowly. Her deformed face had sprouted hair as her once delicate hands had turned into claws and a deformed looking paw. She's shifting. "Violetta No!" I shouted as she ran past me on her all fours, knocking me to the ground. A demonic voice shouted through the trees, "I'LL KILL YOU!!" Another shot rang through the trees before cackling laughter echoed, the rain letting up slowly.

"VIOLETTA!!" I could only run over to her shifting form. A bare body laid on the leaves with eyes closed. Her mane of long black hair was now unruly and matted with dirt, possibly blood. I looked over at the man twisted in pain and laughter before I stood over him and shot his arm.

His voice howled through the trees as he clutched his bleeding arm. Why is this happening to her? She doesn't deserve any of this. "You disgusting man. You don't DESERVE to even be her Father!!" I couldn't pull the trigger through his heart. I have to get her out of here. I have to! Stuffing my father's gun back into my back pocket, I took off my soaking jacket and put it on Violetta. She looks asleep. Please don't leave me.

I raced through the forest with my bad leg and a look from her wolf, laying in pain; telling me to save her first. I will. I will save her. I placed her carefully into my truck, before roaring it to life and turning up the heat to full blast. Going back down to the scene, I heaved the wolf up, carrying it back to the truck with me before placing it beside Violetta. Hopping in, I was soon speeding through the road. I pulled out my dripping useless phone; throwing it on the ground as a cough caught my attention. She's still alive. I'm glad.

The lights were on as I jumped out of my truck and stormed into the police station, eyes automatically seeing a dripping teenage boy covered in dirt and blood. They reached for their guns as I held up my hands and shouted, "Please save her! She's in my truck but I need your help please! Please save her!" I knelt before them as they rushed outside to my truck. She's in good hands now. I could feel hands grab at me as the darkness pulled me in.

Okay, now let me rewind that a bit. We can't start at the end of the story. My name is John Alabaster and I was only seventeen when this crazy girl ran into my life, knocking me off my own path and into fork road galore. I should start at the beginning of course. Now let me tell you my story.

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