Have you ever wondered what was really in the woods when you heard a howl at night, or saw the full moon beaming down on the dark trees? I have since I was little and now I know. It was a girl. A few months younger than me but that didn't stop the curiosity from seeing multiple scars over her body and the peculiar way she ran. Violetta is mystery herself as I try to solve and figure her out.


3. Dripping Wet

"My hand grazed over the buttoned up shirt before squeezing a soft mound. "J-John..." I lifted my head enough from her neck to meet her gaze, smirking at her reaction which only made her blush and turn her face away.

"I thought you liked this, don't you?" The words slipped from my lips while using a firm grip on her chin to turn her slowly to my gaze. These sides of girls always make me feel like a god to them. Her wide brown eyes closed before our lips met and moved together. I kissed down her neck to slowly unbutton her shirt. Black lace, good choice for today. A hand gripped my hair and tugged, a groan escaping my lips as I glared at her. "Impatient are we?"

She may act like she's in control at times, but we both know who really is. I gripped her hips and brought her closer to me as I towered over her petite frame. She's wasn't as bad as the really fake ones, but everyone has a dark side. Me? I don't think I even have a light. Not after her. "John?" I looked down before going down, trailing kisses on her neck before slipping off her skirt.

"Yes?" Her nails trailed over my bare back, clawing into my shoulders while my fingers slid and rubbed over her delicates. The way they squirm and squeal, moan and pant for more, makes the game all the more fun. Her fingers found their way to my stretched boxers, "Take them off Alyssa, it's all on you..." I felt her hand hesitate before my boxers were slid off.

Let's continue then.


I awoke from my sleep to feel a slithering feeling up my stomach. What the hell? Squinting open an eye, I could see a form hover over me, "Young Master, it's time to wake up. You got home rather late last night." Oh one of the maids. I did say maids. I'm not living in a mansion, but my great great grandfathers' house he designed himself and worked hard for. He passed it on to his sons, enforcing that it must be finished to perfection. It's pretty great here, especially since we have the forest behind us after going through the garden first. It's quiet, I like it for thinking at times; but I need the action, the noise, the girls.

Shit. It's almost eight thirty. It takes time to get to school, but I need to get there now. Throwing on a long-sleeved cream shirt with some jeans, I grabbed my bag and slid down the railing. "Young Master! Your father does not want you to do that!" I huffed and looked at her, nodding before leaving the house. No I don't have that million dollar car but I've got a mustang I actually bought with my money. I know, it's hard to believe.

Let's see if I should pick up Alex or if he has some chick he's fuckin'.


LongJohn: Yo r u awake? im ready to leave

AwesomeAlex: Nah brah im still asleep cant you tell?? ill b outside in a bit though i smashed this 1 girl last night and im not sure if she can walk today

LongJohn: LMAO thats my bro! ill b there in a bit

AwesomeAlex: Aight bo


I roared my girl to life before easing her out of the gravel drive way, racing down the road to Alex's place. I wonder which girl he fucked, I can't believe I was able to get Alyssa. I remember last year and the year before, that if I tried to drop a huge ass hint, she'd blush and reject me. She did use to have a boyfriend. Whatever. I got her, that's all that matters.

Pulling up to Alex's house, he didn't have a great great grandfather build a house for his later descendants, but it was a good sized house considering his situation. I parked outside to see Alex dash outside with his book bag, jumping across my hood, the door was opened and soon was placed an Alex beside me. "Waz good bro! I'm starving, do you think we could stop by some place first?"

"Yea man, I was just waiting on your slow ass." I joked as I got punched on the arm. "So how was the girl and who was she?" I flicked on my turning light as I eased up to the corner, watching for other cars.

"Man I'll tell you that she absolutely amazing," He kissed his fingers like a chef complementing food. I laughed loudly as I thought back to Alyssa. She was delicious I'll give her that. Accelerating, I turned into McDonald's and into the drive through, "What do you want?"

"I'll have some breakfast burritos with some hash browns." I nodded before turning to the speaker, waiting on the lady.

"Hello and welcome to McDonalds, what will you have this morning?" She asked in a rather happy voice. Usually there's some grumpy old hag asking me this.

"Hey, I'll have six breakfast burritos, and six hashbrowns."

"Will that be all?" I looked over at Alex as he shook his head.

I turned back to the open window of mine, "Yes that'll be all,"

"Your total then is twelve thirty-six, please pull up to the first window. Thank you!" She didn't have to ask me twice. A girl opened the window to smile at me. "Hello there," I handed her my card, adjusting my arm hanging out the window. "Here you go, next window sir- May I tell you something?" She stopped and looked at me confused, "Sure?"

"I'll be the burger king and you be McDonald's, I'll have it my way and you'll be lovin' it," Her cheeks lit up brightly as I got pinched in the side, a scowling Alex glared at me that he needed food more than a girl.

"H-Here you go sir... Y-Your receipt..." I winked at her, kissing the air before pulling up to grab my food. It's always so fun to do that to girls. I looked at my receipt, seeing a number printed at the bottom in green ink. I've scored another one.

"Do you always do this at drive-throughs?" Alex asked through a stuffed mouth of burrito. Gross man.

"Not all the time, but I gotta show off my skills sometimes to my brotha," I held out my hand, feeling a warm burrito being placed in it. Stopping at a light, I rolled up the window from the slowly pouring rain. Damn. I thought it was going to be clear today. Flipping through my phone until I found a suitable song, I blared it through the car. Mind of a Stoner- MGK. Some lit song, I'll tell you that.


I walked through the hall laughing with Alex about some stupid story when a wet substance bumped my arm, "Watch it rag doll!" I shouted over my shoulder to see Cheetah-Panties dripping wet with a low head. Well shit. I turned to go after her, only to see her dash away.

"Dude you just called her a rag doll, how are you gonna get like- hey where are you going?!" I glanced at the floor to see soaking foot steps as a bell rang and a locker slamming. I stopped at the corner before peeking around to see what she was doing.

"That fucking jerk. I am not a rag doll. He has no idea, just ugh!!" I watched as she punched the locker, a growl coming from her throat. Did she just growl? I chuckled, giving away my once quiet position. Her wet hair flipped before she gathered her stuff and began to walk away.

"Hey! I didn't see that it was you in the hallway, I wouldn't have said that to you- You would have said something else." she retorted harshly before jogging away. This little bitch is so feisty- I like it. Let's see if something can happen. I took my keys from out of my pocket, keeping them from jingling against my thigh. "Hey. Hey can you- Wait dammit!"

She halted before turning quick enough to have her hair flip, giving me one of the meanest glares I've ever seen. Maybe I should have thought a bit more; I expected her to run faster so I'd have to catch up, grab her arm and be like one of those cheesy movies of romance. I stopped about a meter away from her when she started to back up. She really hates me, though I have a trump card. "Hey! That's mine!" she leapt forward as I reached up and held my keys from her hands.

Got her. "Oh this is yours?" I asked as if I were clueless. She pouted her dark purple lips at me before jumping to grab it. Shit she can jump too! Leaning back, I placed a hand on her breast to stop her from jumping. An instant blush came to her face as she flew back, holding up a change of clothes. She's got a rack I'll give her that. I wonder what else she's hiding under her clothes.

"Stop that. Give it back." She demanded with a low but embarrassed voice; she was practically whispering but I caught it. By this time I was leaning over and putting a hand to my ear.

"That didn't sound so nice, I didn't hear a please." She growled before beginning to leap at me as I lifted my hand. She stopped in her tracks. She doesn't want to get touched again. I smirked as she huffed, standing strait.

"What do I have to do to get my key-chain back- say 'please John'." She wiped her eyes, smearing the mascara to look as if she was a horror girl mess. "You shouldn't wipe your eyes like that, it's smearing your mascara. Why are you wet in the first place? Did you walk to school or something?- Give it back!!" She yelled loudly.

"Not to a rude little miss attitude like you, maybe It'll be mine," I turned, swinging the keys around on my finger until a tug on my shirt stopped me. "please..." I glanced over my shoulder, to see her determinedly staring at her worst nightmare. Her blue eyes are like a sky in May, so bright yet, they're hiding something.

"Please give me my key-chain John...." I could feel her grip tighten on my shirt as it looked like she was about to break. I turned slowly, holding the keys as she reached for it. Clamping her hand around my keys, my other hand had already reached around and pulled her in tightly to my chest.

"That wasn't so hard now was it?" Though something else is. She stayed still within my grasp, huh? I looked down to see her head down as her hands fumbled between us. "What are you doing?" I could see her fumbling with the metal coil. "You don't know how to take it off, do you?" Her hands stopped as she held out the key-chain, shaking her head no. I laughed loudly until her form dashed off down the hall and into a classroom.

"Man what the hell?!" I shouted as a hand was placed on my shoulder, "Boy, here's your tardy." It was one of the old guys at this school. Those old geezer security guards. "Usually if you want a girl, you don't tease em' that much. You lure them in by the mysterious and curiosity, as well as their own interests. Try that next time." Why is he giving me advice? Storming down the hall, I entered my own class room, plopping down in my seat  after giving the note to my teacher, who nagged about being late. Ugh. Old people.


"She took your keys?!" Alex laughed loudly as I searched the cafeteria for her wet cascading black hair, dark purple lip stick, and a mess of mascara on her face. "How did that happen?! She got you good!" I held a pencil menacingly in my hand as he flinched, revealing, Cheetah-Panties walking behind him with a lunch box- in a different outfit? Her body was no longer a dripping horror mess, but now a girl who looked like she was Spring herself.

Her hair was done in an over the shoulder long black braid, the makeup was fixed to look light instead of a dark goth kind. The skirt that once clung to her wet legs now had a light ombre pink dress over them with white flats. Holy shit. "Now she, is a real catch she is. Look at her! Man do you see-" I slapped a hand over his mouth before getting up, following her. How do you do this? "Hey- Come with me." What? I stopped as she walked outside to the small tables. She glanced at me over her shoulder before leaving the cafeteria. Come on feet! I looked back at Alex as his jaw was dropped but shooing me to go after her.


"Here," Keys flew over her head and into my palm. The key-chain is gone. "Those are yours obviously, this though," she held up her key-chain, "is mine. You can leave now- AHAHAHA!" Her figure jumped at the loud laughter as I doubled over. "W-What's so funny?" I stood up strait, running a hand through my brown hair, it's getting kind of long, maybe I should get it cut.

"Who keeps a whole other outfit in their locker?! Who runs like a wolf! Who rejects me and still keeps me coming?" I winced at the sudden brightness, seeing the clouds moving away to reveal a bright blue sky like her eyes. "What is your name?" I moved over to sit across from her stuff. Her eyes watched me closely, as if I had another card up my sleeve, or in my back pocket.

"What the hell is up with you?" I chuckled at her, resting my head on my fore arm, "Violetta. My name is Violetta." I lifted my head to see a small blush on her cheeks as if she were telling me that she liked me. Her eyes glanced up to meet mine as she started to eat her feast. Why does she eat so much?!

"You know, if you keep eating like that, it'll be bad for you in the future. You should watch what you eat," though as I skimmed over the food she had, there was no junk food, or anything that looked store bought.

"I eat what I want, butt out." She took another large bite out of her sandwich before eating a few strawberries. Strawberries, a peach, a plum, a nectarine, she's got a whole fruit bar with her! A strawberry soon rolled to touch my wrist. Cool, she gave me one. A hard slap came to my hand as I reached for it, seeing it being snatched from my vision.

"Hey!!" I watched as she chewed it up, putting down the leaves she tore off beforehand. Her blue eyes connected with my brown ones.

"I didn't say you could have it." This little brat! My legs straitened out to knock themselves on her shins. Whoops, I do have some long legs! Being a guy and all you know? Though, my third leg is also long.

"Don't kick me!" I chuckled as she fumed just as a sharp kick came to my shin. "Ow fuck! You little shit!" She gathered her stuff quickly while standing up.

"Running away?" Her hand hesitated slightly while I smirked.


Cold water poured over me like a wave, my eyes as wide as saucers. This bitch just pour water on me.

"Stop talking to me if you are just going to be an troublesome, arrogant, man-whore who is self-centered and horrible to others! Don't talk to me again or I really will let you have it!" Picking up her bag and lunch box, she left me there outside as the sun still shined brightly over top. Now here is where she's wrong. She is going to be the one to get it. This is is only strike two; Cheetah-Panties who is named Violetta. I will win this game, and you'll be the one crying for me at the end.

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