Have you ever wondered what was really in the woods when you heard a howl at night, or saw the full moon beaming down on the dark trees? I have since I was little and now I know. It was a girl. A few months younger than me but that didn't stop the curiosity from seeing multiple scars over her body and the peculiar way she ran. Violetta is mystery herself as I try to solve and figure her out.


5. A Run Through Time

It's been at least a week since she showed her face around her for a while. She's going to have to repeat the stupid grade if she doesn't come back to school soon. I thought as I was fed a piece of plum by my new girlfriend, Alyssa. So far, she cooks for me, I can have sex with her almost anytime I want, though of course, not when any adults are around. I smiled as I pecked her lips seeing her beam up at me while continuing to eat her own lunch.

"I'm worried for Violetta. I hope she's okay, you know? She's new here and all too. Maybe she has a family sickness, or she got sick, or she got hurt, or- Alyssa." I pulled her chin up with the simple guiding of my thumb and index finger to stare her deeply in the eyes before planting a deep kiss upon her pink lip-glossed lips.

Grazing my thumb over her cheek, I smile softly down at her, "She's fine, she's stubborn and she knows how to handle things," I said, speaking some truth with false comforting. Just shut up about Violetta. If she has transferred schools, then great! Let it be Alyssa please! If she's sick, then great! I don't want to see her putrid face again anyway.

"John, you're so sweet, you know that?" A tight side hug squeezed me, knowing it was Alyssa as I sighed, placing a hand on her head while looking up at the bright cloudless sky, "So confident in your friends, even though people spread the worst rumors about you." Rumors? Well of course I knew that they spread rumors about me, though I never really payed attention to them. Not after her leaving.

"Alyssa, tell me what they, never mind- No tell me!" What the, "Tell me, don't say never mind!" She insisted while pouting her lips. I opened my mouth to tell but heard the bell ring over me, signaling lunch be over.

"Well, looks like lunch is over, sorry! I guess you'll have to find out later," I said quickly as I threw away her uneaten lunch, snatching her lunch box to place a small gift inside. It's not so bad having a girlfriend, though I've heard some of my boys say that their girlfriends are expensive. I don't even want to spend more than I'm allowed or else my dad is gonna kick my ass about the money, then I'll have to get a job again. I cringed physically at the thought. Working is not in my plans.

"Are you okay John?" Alyssa asked me while hanging onto my arm as if I were going to float away. She's weird at times, and a bit clingy, but hey, I can say I've got girls hangin' off of me.

"I'm fine, how is my baby?" With a small nod of her head, she hid her face. I know she's blushing, I know how to make it happen too. Being tugged back, I realized I was stopped by none other than my girlfriend. "Now, are you okay? Alyssa?" I asked quietly while leaning over to lift up her chin, unprepared for the jumping kiss she gave me as she wrapped her arms around my neck. Here and now Alyssa? I can't do that or they'll never get it out of their dirty heads. Holding her waist, I dipped her, deepening the kiss as she giggled and squeaked, ruining it.

"Bye Bye Johnny boy! I'll see you after class," She pecked my cheek before prancing into her class room. She's going to be destroyed after this ends. Just like her last boyfriend, Jonathan Miles. Cheated on with the most popular tramp in school and lost that girl too by the rumors of having a small dick. Poor fella, you can't satisfy anyone with a small dick. I lifted a hand as a wave good bye, but I know she didn't see me. Too damn happy skipping into her own class to look back.

"Did you hear that they're dating?"

"I did! She gets around doesn't she?" I tilted my head to the left seeing two girls glance back and forth between themselves, Alyssa's classroom, and the one and only, John Alabaster.

"No, He does. John Alabaster, the baddest playboy in school. He's said to have done most of the girls in this school and dated most of them, only leaving them with broken hearts and being whores too." So that's what she hears, well, they're not that bad, I mean come on! That's praise to me! Turning good girls into little whores who beg for more, though if you exclude the broken hearts thing, it's great right?

"Is he a pimp or something? He's not that good looking," Not that good looking? We'll see. Leaning off the wall, I took a few steps to lean down by the brunette's ear, whispering, "Who's not that good looking?" She jumped before turning to look up at a smirking me while a deep blush coated her cheeks.

"N-Not you of course, you're hot John. I-I'm Chelsea," her olive-skinned hand flew up to brush hair behind her ear while glancing at her friend, wide eyed and silent. Chelsea is pretty cute, a good make over my style and I'd do her every day.

I looked over to the light skinned girl who crossed her arms and huffed, "You're not hot stuff John Alabaster, It's just fake- Is it now?" She jumped in her place as I slammed a hand on the lockers behind and beside her head. "Tell me again Sugar. What exactly, did you say?" I whispered while leaning in closely almost brushing lips. Sweet scent doll face, but you need more than just smelling good to seduce me.

"M-My name's Amanda and w-we have to go!" She stuttered before grabbing her friends hand and dashing down the hall, looking over their shoulders at a waving me. Girls are all the same, better get to class too or else I'll get a tardy. Turning on my heel, a small 'uumph!' sounded, who now? I sighed irritably while looking down with a small fright in my stomach.

Violetta! She stared up irritably at me with a white long sleeved button shirt tucked into a black skirt with, oh you've got to be kidding me, cat stockings?! Stifling a laugh she glared up at me before stepping around and soon into a class. Even the back of her stockings have the tails too!! Bursting out with laughter I was soon tapped on the shoulder to meet the same old geezer from last time something like this happened. Not again.

"You should try getting to class more instead of teasing a girls' choice of clothing. She may not have anything else like she wants to." I was handed a pass and left in the hallway. Damn it. Not again!


"She was wearing five year old stockings with a cat face in the front and a tail in the back?! Dude that's priceless!" I thought back to her image before laughing out again. She really needs a better sense of fashion. I threw down my controller as Alex won again at Halo.

"Fuck this. I'm gonna go get snacks." I hopped up as Alex laughed and followed on his own.

"You just don't like losing. You may be more athletic than me, but I've got video games and technology on you!" I tossed a bag of chips at him before noticing movement out of the window in the back yard. What the hell- "Look it's Violetta! Damn, she knows where you live now too! Let's chase her!" Oh hell yeah am I chasing her, out of this fucking town!!

Running to my living room, I threw open the door leading to my back yard when she shot up and looked at me before dashing for the fence. How in the hell did she get over that?! "Hey, bitch! Get back here!!" I jumped over the railing, making a fast dash for a disappearing foot. Shit! Jumping onto the wooden fence I lifted myself over and into the forest behind it. A figure running ahead of me? That's gotta be her. "What the hell were you doing back there in my yard tramp?! Hey, stop!!" I watched as she fell, smirking as I gained ground on her fallen form.

Gripping a good amount of hair, I yanked and pulled her up as she whimper and glared at me intensely, feeling a shiver run through me, and not the good kind. It kind of reminds me of the dream I had recently. "Let go, John." Snapping back to reality I watched as she got up slowly, holding a cat to her chest while dirt matted her hair and whole being. Was she really only chasing a cat?

"I want a good explanation for why you were on my property back there bitch." I could start to barely see her from how late it was getting, though the moon shined through the few open pathways, lighting up the scene for her beating. The cat hissed and clawed her but she paid no mind, as if she couldn't feel it. "Tell me, Now Violetta!" I yanked her hair down as she dropped the cat, seeing it run away but not before hissing a final time. I smirked at the position I had put her in, hands and knees on the filthy ground as a deep growl erupted from her.

"I said to let go John!" My hand seemed to open and obey as she whimpered, curling up on the ground before letting out an ear piercing scream. I stared down at her as I heard bones snap and her voice change drastically. Demon. That's what she is. No wonder why my charms don't work on her. Her cries, screams and whimpers echoed, now seemed to project themselves even louder within the forest. I can't stand it! I clamped my hands over my ears while kneeling down in mental pain.

After a while, it stopped. Her screams were no more and only harsh panting was heard as a quiet whisper in the forest where I used to play. "V-Violetta?" I stuttered. Yes, stuttered. I am that afraid right now for my life. I'm too young to die, but what ever the hell that was- oh my god. Shuddering, I looked to see her once laying form, sitting up- wait, no that's not her. T-that's a wolf!! Scrambling to my feet, I suddenly felt as if I were being watched, only to see glowing orbs look at me in the dark. Staring at me in the dark. You know, when an animal looks into the light a certain way, yeah, those 'glowing orbs'.

Run. Trees, darkness, roots, they flashed by me as I ran for my life, wait. it's a wolf and I'll never make it to the fence! The tree house! Taking a sharp left, I ran to see the tree house come into sight, though not before I was tripped with a bite of my jeans. This can't be it for me. No, not now! I lifted my other leg to kick it in the face, hearing a loud yelp as I smirked, running to the tree house and climbing the makeshift ladder nailed onto the tree.

Can't get me now can you? Stupid wolf! Now this is a story to tell the stuck up kids at school. They'll start calling me courageous and brave- wait. That Violetta turned into a wolf? They'll never believe me! I panted heavily as I sat on the old wood, seeing the moon shine brightly in. Glancing out the window, I see that it's a full moon, no smaller, no bigger. You've got to be kidding me. Did she actually turn into a wolf..? I shivered, pulling on my hoodie more to try and keep warm in the coldness I had just realized.

A loud animals screech pierced the air until it was silent, hearing the creaking of the nailed-on wood. This is too much like a horror movie. I felt my heart speed up to the sound getting closer. Please go away! "STAY AWAY!!" I screamed as loud as I could, seeing a familiar shape starting to enter my tree house.

"Be quiet, it's a nice night, don't ruin it." A soft girls voice sounded, she crawled towards me till the moonlight hit her, Violetta. Her black hair was a mess with leaves and dirt tangled in while her clothes had rips and tears that could not be fixed without being teased about. A black bra showed through the mangled clothes. I always knew she had a hot body. Her light blue eye shone brightly as a smile covered her busted lip, her other eye squinting and red. Ouch.

"V-Violetta?" I questioned quietly as she nodded. She whimpered and held her arm before dropping onto the floorboards. I moved closer, curiosity killed the cat am I right? How does she do it? Could I be a werewolf too? How does she run on all fours in human form? "Oh my god, you- you are a-a, a werewolf...." I whispered quietly as she wheezed, coughing the dust and dirt away. I did this to her. Oh god.

"C-Come closer, John..." I was already there, wrapping my arms under her to lift her up, cradling her in my arms like a child. She isn't going to die is she? I don't want to be accused of murder, oh god my life is ruined!

Though, her hand reached up as a strong gust of wind blew through the tree house, stirring up the leaves and dirt to dance around while the moon was our only witness, as she kissed me. Her lips were wet with blood but soft and smooth as her hand gripped the hair on the back of my head and drew me in more. My hand slipped up to brush her tangled hair from her cheek, deepening the kiss.

Oh god Violetta. You'd, make me want to cheat every time I'm with someone else. Arching herself into me, she broke the kiss with a smile afterwards and sleepy eyes looking into mine in the moonlight, whispering "Mate..." Wait what? Though with that last word, she fell into a deep slumber, looking like snow white with her dark hair and bloody red lips. I know that was a bad little joke.

Sighing heavily, I looked out to the moon thinking back on what just happened, "Did she really say mate? She's really something, isn't she?" I think it's apparent now. I might just like you a lot Cheetah-Panties. I chuckled and smiled lightly at my thoughts while brushing my finger tips across her soft, gentle features. At least, what they were before I messed them up. Violetta...





Alright guys, this chapter may seem a bit surprising to y'all but I just couldn't hold it in any longer. I'm all about Romance, let me tell you that strait up; and even though I love a good chunk of drama within it, I myself, am waiting to see how this ends as my imagination runs and comes up with all these scenario's to what could happen. I can create a movie in a night within my head. the only problem is to get it down on paper or even on the internet. I'm not the best writer but I can picture it clear as day when I read stories.

Let me get to the point (shut up Author, no body likes to hear you ramble on, they want chapters, more plot to the story, not you) Well damn. Anyway, What do y'all think about this chapter or even the previous ones? Do you think John's bad-ass rebellious nature will take a turn to learn how to love and care for people, or will he continue to be a cocky perverted playboy like he 'always' has been. Curious about the 'her' he's been mentioning too? Let me know down below!

Violetta, what do you think is running through her mind this instant. Love you guys and stay reading! -Vivian E.

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