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9. Online Chronicles #1: Youtube

A new set of chronicles! Yayyy! I hope you enjoy. :D 

Sooo to start out this new section/chronicle, I have to tell you: I probably go on Youtube ten or more times a day. I use Youtube not only for personal reasons but also for school purposes. ASL(American Sign Language), Psychology, Documentaries. I love Youtube. I have to admit, though, 85% of the time I am either watching Anime or listening to music (including Anime openings). Which isn't bad, to be honest, because music helps me to concentrate and it gives me inspiration. Anime is just a distraction. My addiction. When I watch anime, it's like reading a book. It takes me away into a different world with endless possibilities. Which is exactly why I'm addicted to it. 

Who are your fave Youtubers, you may ask? Well, there are many. Let's see there's Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Smosh, CDawgVA, In Love With A Ghost, The Anime Man, Mad Desires Studio, Meso Sacred, ConnerFranta, Tyler Oakley, Ect. 

I highly recommend most of these channels. In Love With a Ghost is sort of like a dubstep band. I love their music. Mad Desires Studio is a good channel with LOTS of very well made AMVs (Anime Music Videos). CDawgVA usually impersonates Sebastian from Black Butler and other anime characters and prank calls people and/or plays games with other impersonators such as Cards Against Humanity. Meso Sacred reacts to a lot of weird videos. The Anime Man does a LOT of anime related stuff, obviously. Like, I don't even know where to begin with him. All I can say is he's hilarious and an amazing Youtuber.

One of the things I do not enjoy about Youtube is when people say they have the full movies but end up just being some kind of link to a website I am not willing to go to because I don't want a virus and I don't want to get tracked down and killed. I don't like it! I mean, I have found websites with safe and free movies. But I still have to depend on Youtube to watch Anime movies, which 70% of the time actually has the full movie on there.

Well, I shall end it here for now. Hope you look at one or more of these awesome channels, and I hope you like them! Write ya later!

Love ~ Tori Smith   

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