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7. Non-School Chronicles #3: New backpack, Working out, Tornado Watch

I hate how unlucky I am. Yesterday, yet another one of my backpacks broke and I was left to carry it around princess-style. So today I went to Academy Sports + Outdoors and got a new one. I was aiming for a big one that wasn't Nike but Nike was the biggest and most efficient for the number of books I carry around. But, hey, I got a discount. Original price: $50.00. Discount Price: $38.25. I love it and, if I'm careful, I think it will last longer than my past backpacks. 

Believe it or not, I had never been to Academy Sports + Outdoors before today. It is amazing. A true paradise for someone who enjoys organization and long aisles of (sporting) balls and equipment like me. It took about half an hour to get me out.

Lately, I have been researching on sports and exercises to do in order to get in shape and I found a bunch of equipment that would be very capable of that. It surprised me when I decided to start working out because I am pretty lazy 80% of the time. I would rather watch anime or movies all day than workout and sweat my ass off. But lately, I've been feeling like changing my ways and taking a better road. Plus working out has proven to relieve stress for me. I mostly focus on volleyball than anything else. I love volleyball and I want to get into the team next year. So, basically, I am preparing myself by doing some strength training and other exercises so that I can make it. Because volleyball is something I really want to do and It's not every day I find something I want to do and stick to it. Like I said, I'm pretty lazy.

Everyone could not get over the fact that we were on tornado warning. Like, "OMG guys! WE'RE ALL GUNNA DIE!!!". Pa-lease. I used to live in tornado central. Most of the time, there wasn't any tornado and we were stuck in the basement with the bugs until it "passed". So here I am. The only person in the room who couldn't care less if we all got blown away by a tornado and the school's destroyed. That would probably be the best day of my life. Maybe then would I get a break from school work and teachers. 

Well, gotta go. Write ya later! 

Love ~ Tori Smith :) 

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