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5. Non-School Chronicles #2: My Dumbness, Confusion, Time, Flaws.

I don't know about you, but getting confused isn't hard for me. Sometimes it makes me laugh but at other times it makes me feel pretty dumb.. Like some dumb blond. Also, sometimes I want to enter a conversation and I think I know exactly what they're talking about.. BUt in reality, I have no idea. So here I am. Sounding/Looking/Acting dumb as a blond. But, hey, now I know better than to get into some conversation unless I actually know what they're talking about. 

I get confused about anything. Mostly academic though there have been times I got confused talking about politics and whatnot. Like, me and Kyle or Miles or any of my other friends are normally talking about anime or something and I'll say something dumb and everyone involved either pat me on the back and give me sympathetic looks or just stare at me like "WTF?". *Sigh* It's sad because most of my friends are super smart and intelligent and I'm over here, like, dumb as fries.

I hate the feeling of desire taking control. Like, I start watching this great show or reading this good book and I can't stop watching/reading and it takes charge of my time. I mean, It's not like I have anything better to do. But people, meaning my parents, don't like me staying in my room for too long. Like, once I stayed in my room for over 5 hours and they thought I were dead or something. And I was like, "No... just catching up on Naruto.." Which is 70% of the time most likely what I'm doing. Them episodes be 24 minutes and then Kyle trying to talk me into watching Sherlock. Which I would if the episodes weren't 1/2 an hour, like he told me. I was like, " Oh Hell No! I'm not going to waste 1/2 an hour watching some guy try and solve weird mysteries when I can be watching anime!" 

There are also other desires that I must deal with somehow, someway. Most of my desires are hard to resist which I think is a flaw of mine. Well, I have a lot of flaws. I'm naive, weak (Mentally and Physically), Impulsive at times, Allocentric to a point, Ect. I honestly don't think being allocentric is that bad. It's a lot like just being observant of others. 

Like always, I don't want to write too much in one chapter. Write ya later! 

Love ~ Tori Smith :) 


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