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2. Non-School Chronicles #1: Mall Time w/ Kyle and Miles , Jobs.

If you haven't heard from my other "story", Daily Life of an Abnormal Teenage Girl, I have a boyfriend. So, I've been trying to go out on a date with him from the time we started calling each other Boyfriend and Girlfriend. So, after 2 months of going out, we finally got the chance. I don't think it was considered a real date because one of my friends had to take me there and stuck around the whole 30 minutes, but I was glad to hang out with my boyfriend, Miles, outside of school for once. My friend, Kyle, on the other hand, we have probably hung out 5 times outside of school. Which, I think, is pretty sad. 

But it was still pretty fun. We went and spent the whole time at FYE and Gamestop. Kyle and Miles would share their preferences on video games and movies, and I would share too. I almost left them behind in Gamestop because they would talk and talk about how good the new DBZ game was and how they couldn't wait to play the new Fallout game. I wasn't as obsessed as they were with those types of video games. If you haven't already guessed, I am obsessed with Anime related games/movies/music/clothing. Especially Naruto merch. I have to watch DBZ because that has to be Miles favorite anime and when he talks about it, I'm so lost. The action/adventure genre, even in anime, never really appealed to me. The closest thing to action/adventure I actually like range from Avatar(The blue people movie) to Naruto Ship. I'm more of the romance person. I'm even thinking about writing fanfic. 

Jobs. Oh how I love the topic of jobs. And, oh, how I would Love to work at Subway.. Not! I'm so close to being the legal age of getting a job and so people, meaning my family, are "Encouraging" me to start thinking about it. I think not. Every time they bring up the topic and I want to put in some feedback they say I should just settle for Subway. I really just want to work at a book store or library. I really enjoy reading and I'm not good at cooking at all. Plus having the responsibility of cooking someone's food and making it the way they want it is somewhat overwhelming. Not only that but I also have the reputation of the restaurant in my hands. Thus, working at a non-restaurant place would be perfect and less stressful for me.

My friends who do have jobs are working at Publix and other grocery stores. I don't think one of my friends work for a restaurant or Subway, for that case. But when the time comes, I'll be ready. If my crazy friends can do it, so can I.

I think I'm gunna puke if I keep writing about jobs so lets shift. Er, I don't really know what to write about now. Well, I guess I'll end it here. Write ya later.

Love ~ Tori Smith :)   

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