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11. High School Chronicles #5: The Art Room, Repticon, Snakes <3

I don't know if I ever told you before, but I am in love with art. Sculptures, paper mache, self-portrait, anime, and then just random doodling my friends make that end up being 100 times better than my doodles. But here's the story of how I discovered the Art Room. Not a very good or creative one but what the hell. So, I hate french. And I would do anything to get out of french. If you looked at all my absences in that class, it's over 25. So, it's an 'A' day, which means It's the day I have french. I'm walking into the cafeteria with Miles(bae <3) complaining how I have to go to french when I see Andri walking over with her friend, Sav. Now here's the thing, Andri skips so frickin much and never gets caught. She knows all the greatest spots to skip at. So, she comes up to me and I immediately ask her if I could hang with her during which I'm supposed to be in french. After fawning over how bad I'm becoming, she grabs my hand and takes me to the Art Room.(Don't worry. I didn't just ditch my boyfriend. I properly said goodbye and see you later. I'm not that "bad".) Let me just say one thing: Wow. The Art Room is the most beautiful room in the entire school. It was like a dream. Paper mache sculptures of basically anything you can think of set around the room on top of shelves, the most beautiful Self-portraits, I even saw a painting of Edgar A. Poe and a crow. A lot of people had chosen that class as their elective because it was "easier" and less work, but I would voluntarily take that class for fun. I mean, they have lots of equipment so might as well take advantage of it.

Anyways, it wasn't my first time skipping but it was my first time skipping in a classroom when they are having class. Let me just say, it was scary. I thought the teacher would question me, but she was gone and out of the classroom most of the period. So I sat with Andri and her friend and we talked about snakes and masks and Dan x Phil. Repticon was coming up. I had no idea it existed and It sounded interesting. I only have a turtle but I used to own a snake, so my love for snakes lives on. I mean, don't get me wrong, turtles are...cute. But my turtle just swims around in his tank day after day. A snake is beautiful and majestic. Independent. 

Well, this has prob been my worst chapter yet thus I will do my best in the next. Write ya later! 

Love ~ Tori Smith :) 

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