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6. High School Chronicles #4: Weird Lists, Hobbies, Senpais notice me, Amy

I've been slacking lately with writing. Which has surprised me because I usually write every day, no matter what the issues should be. Anyways, I is back and ready to get back into action. 

So, before I entered into high school, I came up with this list of questions that I thought people would ask me. "People" being 75% teachers and the rest the friends I MIGHT make. The questions included things like "What did you do this summer?", "Do you plan on getting into an academy", "Are you getting into any sports?", "What are your hobbies?", Ect. Now that I look back, I feel like such a big dork for coming up with that lame list because I had no guarantee that I would make any friends and if they would even ask me those questions. In the end, It was a big waste of time. To be honest, I might have been a bit excited about getting into the school of my choice thus resulting me to do weird things such as making lists and daydreaming about all the new friends I would/could make at this new school.

Anyways, there were questions I mainly focused on more than others. Such as "What are your hobbies?". I had difficulty with this question because I was currently a minor shut-in who didn't really like anything that didn't involve anime or music. Correction: Emo Shut-in. I thought about the possibility of actually going around to people saying "I love anime, manga, rocks, and anything Alternative!". I couldn't lie and say something completely different because 1. I am an honest person & 2. Nothing good come out from lying. So I decided. If they don't like me for who I am, It was not meant to be. 

Little did I know that when I would get there, I would be an Otaku chick magnet. Senpai would notice me without me even trying and we would eat together as she talked about something I had no clue about but, what the heck, I was sitting next to the hottest girls I had ever seen! Not a week into school and I was sitting with all the cool Senpais. It felt good. But I couldn't relate to them (Other than listening to the same music and watching the same anime). They were so much cooler and smarter than me. I mean, I'm dumb to begin with but when facing the knowledge of the Senpais I don't even come close to their level. I began my search for local freshmen whom I could befriend. I started talking to this one guy but he was shyer than me so he didn't talk much. I tried for another person whom I thought was pretty cool and looked like I could relate to her. Meet Amy. I'm not sure how we exactly became friends. It just sort of happened on its own. Her personality is like no other: Sassy but kind. On the outside, she seems rude and non-friendly but on the inside she is a kind person who just has her limits when it comes to trusting people and having sympathy on them. Out of all of my friends, I believe her to be the most unique of all.

Wow, look at the time! Well, I'll end it on a good note. Write ya later!

Love ~ Tori Smith :)    

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