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4. High School Chronicles #3: Future, Teachers, Women, Sex Ed, Micheal

 I don't know about you, but I hate it when adults ask me what I want to be/do when I get out of High School. Not only do I not know what I want, but I also I think it's too early to be asking me serious questions like that. I'm still pretty naive and insecure. I still ask my parents questions about finances and taxes. I'm still not sure what all there is out there for me to indulge my whole future into. I don't know the ways of the world, probably because nobody ever had the slightest hope for me.

When I think about my future, I just hope I don't end up on the streets. I hope I'm not alone in a 2 bedroom apartment. I hope I have enough money to live off of, or even more than that so that I may treat myself every once in a while. Not too much, though, because I'll prob get fat if I do. It'll be hard being alone, fat, poor, and living with 3 to 5 cats.

Now that I have an image as to what I DON'T want to be, I'll prob work harder at figuring out what I can do to prevent it from happening. Wow. This is prob the most productive "Chapter" I've written so far. 

Obviously, teachers are the ones who ask me those types of questions the most. I'm not against most of my teachers. All of my teachers, besides one, are women. Throughout all elementary, and middle school, I had been surrounded by women teachers. Which had been pretty useful at times. The times when we had men substitutes, it was awesome. The men are more chill than the women. It is a proven fact that women are more "mature" than men. In my opinion, it can get out of hand sometimes. The women can just get so stressed/annoyed to the point where they would just, well, blow up. I'm am hugely grateful for maternity leaves, when teachers get to take time off work because they are pregnant, because that would be a nightmare in itself.

I don't know much about pregnancy besides from what they taught us in sex ed in the 8th grade. Which wasn't really much. They mostly talked to us about aids and std stuff. "Be safe", "Don't do anything Micheal wouldn't do." We all thought that last one was hilarious, because even though they weren't talking about our Micheal from 3rd period, we took it that way. I'm still not sure who they meant but it doesn't really matter. Even if it seems mean, I still like to think of that quote meant for 3rd period Micheal. 

Well, before I get wayy too far into that subject, I shall end this Chapter. Write ya later. 

Love ~ Tori Smith :) 

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