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3. High School Chronicles #2: Homecoming, Seniors, Football

As you probably already know, Homecoming has already passed. Sadly. I was fortunate to even be able to go, the same thing with my 8th grade "Prom". 8th grade.... Man, those were terrible days. I don't even want to enter that subject but I will likely in the future. Anyways, Homecoming was so "Lit". I am a terrible dancer but, since it was dark except for the cliche disco ball, I let the music take control. The only things I didn't quite like about Homecoming was 1. They only played one slow love song, and 2. They barely played any Alternative. Like, really? That is literally the best genre ever to be, but they had to play all these rap songs. I have nothing against Kanye, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, or the Weeknd. But the songs that got requested were unforgivable. "Baby got Back", "Soulja Boy", "Anaconda". I mean, come on! And every time they played any of those songs, I was forced to dance. By my crazy friends. Who are obsessed with Alternative and Rock way worse than I. 

But that was the only thing I didn't completely enjoy about Homecoming. It was fun to let loose with my friends and just go crazy.

Speaking of crazy, I remember how crazy the seniors were. I couldn't tell if they had had some kind of alcoholic beverage before they came or they were just really hyped. It is pretty normal to me now. Every football game I went to, the seniors would all be gathered right beside the band, taking vines and yelling at the football players. Our football team sucks, so I don't blame them. I went to almost all their home games and every time they would, predictably, lose. We even lost to the worst high school in the entire district. 

The only reason I ever went to the football games were if Kyle begged me to go because he had no one else to go with and he wanted to get out of his house on a Friday night or If I felt like seeing my upperclassman friends because I almost never got to see them during school hours. I'm not even into football really. I could barely see the ball from our school bleachers and I don't really understand the fundamentals of the sport. I don't care much to remember, either. 

Before I write too much on this "Chapter", I shall end it and continue onto another one. Write ya later. 

Love ~ Tori Smith :) 


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