Random Writing of a Teen Girl

Just writing for the heck of it..


1. High School Chronicles #1: Drama, Swearing, Height, Hair

Hello. My name, as you can see, is Tori Smith. I am a Freshman in high school and, so far, it is amazing. There is still drama every now and then but I tend to avoid it. I'm not up for that. When I see people fight in the hallway about so-and-so doing this-and-that, I think "Why must you fight and block my way from getting to class? You could easily 'mend your bond' talking about it in a bathroom stall or, I don't know, somewhere where I can't see or hear you." I'm not a mean person. I just want to get to class on time. Plus hearing/seeing people fight is bad for my heart. 

Since I've been in high school, not one person has tried to start anything with me. Well, besides the girls in the hallways with the hoop earrings and sunglasses. I bump into them and they click their tongues at me. "Bi**h, you better apologize!" From the first couple of times it happened, I had learned the simplicity of avoiding getting a tongue lashing: Walking away. And it works. The hallways, like I said, are filled with what seems to be thousands of teens. There would be a 0% chance of them catching me without pushing and shoving through the crowd, which would be overkill. 

Ever since I entered High School, I've been swearing like a sailor. Not that I didn't swear in 8th grade but, being around the people I am around daily, it has worsened. It's not like I cuss people out or anything. It's just the little things: Hitting my leg on the desks or stubbing my toe, Being surprised, When the bell rings announcing I'm late for 5th period, When I'm excited, Ect. Sometimes, it just slips randomly out of my mouth. I have probably been caught at least 4 times swearing around my parents. When it was football season not even a month of school had passed and I was slapping myself each time I swore because there were kids around and I didn't want to be the reason why they go around yelling, "Fu*k!"

Although I didn't want to talk about this, I thought I'd just get it out of the way: I am really short. Not like your average freshman height. Shorter. A lot of people have said I look a lot like a Junior or Senior but I honestly have no clue why. Not only am I short but almost everything about me defines small. Small hands, small a*s, small arms, short legs. Some people have said it's because of my hair, which is short with pink on the bottom mixed with a light brown color and dark roots. I had firstly dyed it purple but after a month or two, it evolved into what it is today. I love it but, like most hair, it is almost impossible to get it the way I want it. When I want it to be foofy, it's flat. It's like life in a lot of ways..

 Well, that's all folks. Thank you for letting me express my feelings through writing. Talk to you more in the next chapter!

Love ~ Tori Smith :) 

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