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10. Book Chronicles #1: The LGBTQ/YA genre, Recommendations, Crowley I write too much! #CarryOnReferences

I know that to a lot of people, reading is boring. It is my belief that it depends on the genre. I love Young Adult, Romance, Ect. Some might think Young Adult is too lovey-lovey and "mushy", and that they prefer Supernatural or Thrillers. I mean, for some weird reason, YA has occasional sex "scenes". Like, it doesn't make much sense. It's like authors who categorize their novel under YA thinks we youngsters want to read that kind of thing. I can't speak for anyone, though...

But yeah, YA and LGBTQ books are my favorite. I don't think LGBTQ as anything bad or anything. I just support it and, to be completely honest, it isn't that different from normal romance with different genders. LGBTQ novels are different in themselves because, well, you can probably guess why. I enjoy reading David Levithan, Brent Hartinger, and more. These are very good authors who are known for their amazing LGBTQ books. Just recently got "Will Grayson, Will Grayson" by John Green and David Levithan, two of my most favorite authors, and I. Am. Excited. Not to judge a book by its cover, but I already know this is going to be a great novel. Especially since Tiny Cooper is in it, the most fabulous gay character ever to be created. (Read Tiny Cooper's story in "Hold me Closer" by David Levithan!)

And I can NOT forget to mention Rainbow Rowell's "Carry On" novel! I have to say though: I do not recommend reading "Carry On" before reading "Fangirl". "Carry On" is like a follow-up novel to "Fangirl". You'll have to read it to understand. Being a 500+ paged book, it is very enjoyable and satisfying. A story that will keep you guessing, shipping, and squealing throughout the whole book. 

Now, I know. "Why are you wasting your time reading a 500+ page wizard fanfic?" I have no clue. I am in love with "Fangirl" so when I heard Rowell published "Carry On", I was more than excited to read it. I know I could be doing better things like studying or reading nonfiction books on how to live a successful life. but, I don't know. I guess you could say I am addicted.

Anywho, before I write anymore, I am gunna end it here. Write ya later!

Love ~ Tori Smith :)  



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