Veil Of Dreams

Amber has a sister named Emily. One day, when their parents go on a vacation from the kids, Amber and Emily sit alone in the house with nothing to do, but play and listen to music. One second, Emily is a sweet loving little seven year old girl, and then the next Emily is someone twisted, who not even her sister knows. Amber tries to find a way to save her, but it makes it even harder when she turns away for one second and sees her sister is gone.


2. A Walk In The Dark


"Emily, what have you done!?!"
      I finally gasped, in awe. What I saw was not, but a wall covered in blood colored paint. Or was it? No, there is too much to think about, and I can't be thinking about whether it was blood or not. And that was not the only part that freaked me out. The words, "we are coming for you," slowly dripped from the wall to the floor with a foreboding drop. It practically screamed "run!"

"Oh, Amber you have woken. Want a spot of tea?" She slowly turned around, her whole body and white dress covered in what I hoped had been the blood colored paint. Even the teacup, she was holding was colored red.

"No!?! I don't want a spot of tea!?!" I shook my head, Imitating her. "Now, Tell me what's going on!?!" I stomped in, pushing the door, and entering the room with full anger.
"Oh, i see, so we are gonna be playing another game, okay Amber?" Her head twisting to meet my eyes, as she smiled at me in a way she had never before.   

Her smile twisted.
Her eyes black as night.
And her dress covered in what looked like blood.
That sweet little girl, who I called my sister was gone.
A demon was what had taken over.
A monster...

  "No, i'm not playing your stupid game." I walked in front of her, knowing the once sweet and lovable girl had been replaced with something dark and evil. I wanted to smack that wretched monster outof my sister. Sadly, I knew I would only hurt my sister instead.

"You will play," She stared straight back at me, her voice echoing in the room...  

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