Veil Of Dreams

Amber has a sister named Emily. One day, when their parents go on a vacation from the kids, Amber and Emily sit alone in the house with nothing to do, but play and listen to music. One second, Emily is a sweet loving little seven year old girl, and then the next Emily is someone twisted, who not even her sister knows. Amber tries to find a way to save her, but it makes it even harder when she turns away for one second and sees her sister is gone.


1. The Terror Brought To My Eyes

   It was when my mom came home, that she decided it would be best if she went on a vacation with my dad, but without me and my sister. To be honest, I understand, but we hardly get to spend time together as a family as it is. This time, it's just my mom and dad going to Florida. And my sister and I will be home in Tennessee, doing whatever.
  I was upstairs in my room with my seven-year-old sister, Emily. She was on the ground playing with her barbie dolls, and I was just laying on my bed, listening to Lead Me Out Of The Dark by Crown The Empire, and texting my friends. I slightly heard my name being called out, just above my music. I took my headphones out.
"Amber! Can you please keep an eye on your sister? Tell her to eat her vegetables everyday and brush her teeth after every meal! Oh, and tell her to go to bed when its nine!" A voice screamed across the house.
"Yeah, mom!" I heard the front door squeak shut, and looked back at my phone.
"Hey, Emily?" I paused my song.
"yeah?" Emily looked at me puzzled, as she put down her doll.
"Why don't you go make some friends and play with them, instead of playing with your dolls all alone?"
"Really? I like to consider you as my friend. And i'm not alone. I have you. Yes, you don't play with me, but i'm used to it. Just like how i'm used to not having any other friends." She said, her eyebrows lower than usual.
"Awe, Emily, I would play with you, but you never asked." I got off my bed and sat on the floor with her.
"Well, I didn't think I would have to ask for my sister to play with me." she sighed.
"Awe, Emily... No, I will play with you. Okay?" I went down and picked up a barbie doll. How is this amusing to her? I have no idea, but this is for her, so here it goes.
"Run, princess! Run! The ninjas might get you!" I played.  
        Next thing I knew, I was passed out on the floor and woke up to a beautiful light inside my room. It was pink and speckled dots came across it because of my pink poke a dot curtains. While looking around my room, I noticed something was missing and then it hit me...
"Emily?" I shouted. No response. "Emily?!? Emily!?!" I walked out of my room and walked down the stairs.

Picking my feet off the steps of the stairs, I tried listening for any noises that would indicate that she was home. Nothing. Not even the sound of the birds chirping. I went to knock on her door and the door pushed open slowly. To my terror, I walked in on a disaster. A disaster, of which i was afraid would never appease to mom and dad...  

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