Life and Love


2. Freedom

In the middle of the sky

In the middle of the sky,

Where the eagles fly,

The sky so blue,

No clouds in view,

Fine bronze wings,

Are marvellous things,

When catching prey,

To fly every day,

Over hills, the eagle flies,

Bright gold shining in his eyes,

To swoop, to glide,

Seeking rodents that hide,

The hunt is on,

Must be fed by dawn,

a wild chase,

running all over the place,

But not the eagle,

He is not feeble,

A bullet towards earth,

Speed is just but new birth,

The orange light fades,

Talons flash like razor blades,

No fight needs faught,

For the prey has been caught,

how I wish to be free,

To travel the sea,

To fly on my own,

Me, just me alone,

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