Yuki - Just Another Fantasy Light Novel

Yuki wakes up, her body being in the form of a toddler, in a bedroom, wielding no memories of her past. She knows how to speak, read and other basic skills no toddler should know. It seems that the world she now lives in has magic, monsters, and is shrouded in mystery. As she grows up, she learns more about the world she now inhabits. Elves, goblins, demons, vampires. Will she find out who she was before she woke up in this world? And what of the jet black wings that come out of her back when she's in a bad situation?


1. Ch. 1 - «Birth»

Ch.1  - «Birth»


Tendrils of fire appear in my hand. I focus, pinpointing the place where I want them to land.

They reach out fast, like lightning, the moment I put the command in my head.

Four blackened piles of ash lie on the ground where the targets were lying just moments before.



I woke up in a daze. Everything was so...foggy.

Who am I? I can’t remember anything about before now.

Where am I?

I look around and see white bars, circling around me. A crib? A stuffed pink bear is next to my head. I look upwards, and see a mobile of stars hanging from the ceiling.

“ Wahhhh…..”

The sound that escapes my lips is similar to a baby’s cry.

I try to hold up my hands to my face. They’re smooth, and tiny. What does this mean? I’m a baby? But how can I think so clearly?

“ Uwaaa!”

I can’t help it. The pressurizing feelings of bewilderment makes me cry. It’s uncontrollable.

A door opens to the left of the crib. A beautiful woman comes running in. She wears an enchanting green dress, and deep brown eyes filled with worry. She stops right in front of the crib, reaches down and picks me up gently.

“ Yuki. Mommy’s here. Don’t cry.”

Long black tendrils of hair spiral out of her bun. One is close to my face. I reach out…..and try to grab it.

She smiles down at me passionately. Out of nowhere, a man suddenly is standing next to her and wearing a similar expression of love.


«Four Years Later»


“ Good girl, Yuki! You’re a natural!”

Father wears an excited expression, as he practices fighting using wooden swords with me.

He’s been teaching me proper form and different stances. Something in the back of my mind seems to know what to do.

My moves are quick, and well-thought out. I wonder how I know all of this, but whenever I try to remember anything my head hurts and I collapse.

We continue to spar in the background of my house.

“ Yuki, what are you doing?”

Mother stands behind Father with her arms crossed and an almost amused expression, like she knows that she’s supposed to be mad but actually finds this situation funny.

Wait...how did that get in my head?

“ Yuki. You have your first lessons soon. Now get changed out of those...dirty clothes and into a more appropriate dress. And as for you, Husband, it seems we have some things to discuss.”

That’s right. Before, Mother and Father didn’t allow me to read or have access to the library and study at home. They had said that I would only be able to once I started taking lessons for magic and regular subjects.

I’m excited. I hope this will be fun.

I run inside to get ready.


A thin man with glasses knocks the front door.


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