Vikturi!!! on Ice [Fanart]

[Shipping Competition Entry #2] Companion fanart to my story entry #1 - Viktor and Yuri's first dance (skate)


2. Process

I think, in total, I spent about 18 hours on this. Maybe a little more. It's occurring to me that this is a slightly absurd amount of time to devote to this. Oh well :) 


So I did a brief positioning sketch, then sketched it on newsprint so I could block in the shadows...


But then I might have gotten a liiiittle carried away with that.... 

And here's my workspace if anyone's interested... It's my turntable behind the table that really keeps me going :) 


Sooo, yeah. Oil painting is fun and takes forever. Is that the moral of this story? Or maybe it's that Viktor and Yuri are hella in love <3

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