Stranger things have happened.

Pirates roam the seas of the West Indies. Alduin has just been defeated. Their worlds where turned upside down when two strangers from Nirn are dropped into the middle of the Golden Age of piracy.


2. Somethings are better left unsaid.

"Good, now that's settled how about we bust out of here" Ireth said jumping to her feet, rattling her chains and feeling the adrenaline pumping through her body, igniting every pore, coursing through her veins. She knows what she has to do and in order to do it she needs to feel the pump. She paced about the cell well as far as she could manage with being restricted.
"And how will we do that...?" Mary asked quietly, softly biting her bottom lip, once the question had left her lips she wished she didn't ask it.
"She has a gift, a gift that was bestowed upon her by the Daedric Prince of the Hunt, Hircine" Brynjolf said. "Now if you want to make it out of here alive then I suggest that for this you close your eyes until I tell you to open them, and when you do open them that you remain calm. Once we make it out of here I shall explain everything, even though it might not make sense" Brynjolf told Mary to close her eyes and she did just that, but she was peeking from under her dark eyelashes.
"Now Effy I need you to relax and focus on what I am about to tell's not going to be nice" Brynjolf instructed. He heard Ireth take a deep breath and the chains hit the floor. Mary listened intently to what Brynjolf was telling Ireth to do.
"Now...right now Alduin is reeking havoc again in Tamriel. You didn't really defeat him and he has risen again. He is attacking Lakeview Manor, in search of YOU. Lydia, Rayya and Farkas are trying to fight him. Rayya has fallen with a horrendous gash to her ribcage, Alduin had swiped her with one of his black talons. Lydia is barely alive, covered in blood, cowering behind her shield. Her breathing is laboured. She isn't aware of her situation until Alduin swipes her down, breaking all of her bones under foot. Farkas is trying his hardest to fight on his own. Alduin's head has reared round, Farkas has stopped his charge as he stares into the ruby eyes of the world eater. Alduin's maw falls open as the fire rises from his chest, flows from his throat, Farkas tried to duck out of the way. He is too late and he is now burning alive, screaming in agony as his flesh is melting from his bone and muscle, calling YOUR name in vain. Once Farkas falls Alduin turns to the Manor calling for the Dovahkiin. When there is no answer he burns YOUR house to the ground." Brynjolf's elaborate story has set Ireth up. He can hear her heavy laboured breathing, he is getting her to where she needs to be.
"Once your house is finally reduced to cinder and ash, he takes to the sky in search of everything and everyone you love, he goes to find the first thing he can think of. Paarthurnax and Odaviing sit on the top of the throat of the world. Engaged in idle conversation, Alduin doesn't even give them a fleeting glance and he dives towards the leader of the greybeards, maw open and ready to strike. Before Paarthurnax comes to his senses Alduin's jaw has locked round the younger brothers neck, putting a substantial amount of pressure on before his neck snaps. Alduin drops the white dragon to the snow covered mountain, his vivid red blood dripping into the crisp white snow and turns to Odahviing. After a quick couple of strikes at lightening speed the winged snow hunter falls like his brother before him. Now both of Alduin's past comrades have fallen all because YOU were not there to face him" Brynjolf moved into the far corner of the room, away from the wall that kept him from Ireth. Mary still peaked through her lashes, tears cascaded down her cheeks as she listened to the terrible things Brynjolf was telling her. 

Ireth's mouth twitched up into a snarl. The chains attached to her body strained against the cobblestone as her body started to change form. There came an earth shattering and ear splitting roar from cell. The chains fell from the walls as her body pulled taunt, her skin melded with shaggy blonde fur. Her face changed into a long snout, razor sharp pointed teeth sat behind the dark leather looking lips. Her amber eye was a sickly yellow, and the white eye looked a dark grey. Her limbs became long making her even taller than she already was. Her feet and hands grew to the size of dinner plates, both equipped with razor sharp claws. The last thing to develop was the tail that hung between her legs.

Mary covered her ears and screwed her eyes shut as Ireth howled, saliva dripping from her mouth. Brynjolf called to Mary.
"Please don't make a sound and please remain calm...okay you can open your eyes now" Brynjolf called. Mary opened her eyes as she looked at the monster in the cell in front of her. Her eyes wide with fear, she covered her mouth quickly to cover the gasp that left her lips. 
"Okay Effy, I know you can hear me. I need you to break down this wall dividing our cells, we don't have much time as the guards will be on their way now" Brynjolf shouted. The beast backed up against one wall and ran head first into the other, the chains dragging against the floor, thankfully the ones connecting her ankles together broke apart. She repeated this motion until she smashed through and went barrelling into Brynjolf's cell, nearly knocking him flying. Her huge frame turned to him, saliva strings falling from the corners of her mouth and heavy breathing from her chest.
"Okay now I need you to break these chains for me" he instructed, rattling his own chains. Looping the wall chains round her long muscular arms she got as close to them as she could giving them one huge yank before the metal bent, popping out of the wall. He then held his arms out, closing his eyes he took a deep breath as she swiped down with a razor sharp claw and sliced through the metal. Once she got him free he stood up, and strode to the bars.
"I need you to get through these bars" he said pointing at the door. The looming beast ambled her way over. Grabbing two bars closest together she started to pull them apart, before long there was a huge gap of between them, enough for them to fit through. They made their way into the dark hall, Brynjolf run to Mary's cell.
"Now I need you to prise these apart, she is coming with us" Brynjolf instructed. This time she grabbed two bars and pulled the whole frame off of its hinges. Brynjolf then held his hand out for Mary, she stepped out of the cell with wobbly legs. 
"It's okay I'll carry you" Brynjolf exclaimed scooping her up into his arms. The wooden door to the hallway was flung open and there stood the guards armed to their teeth. Brynjolf turned to Ireth and gave her the most wicked smile he could muster.
"I'll find a way out of here...and you... have fun" he nodded towards the guards and gave her a wink as he carried Mary quickly down the winding hallways. Ireth turned to the wooden door, licking her lips and raised her elongated arm to strike. Brynjolf had managed to find an exit, just as he kicked open the door there came blood curdling screams echoing down the damp and dingy halls, being distorted by the time it got to them, sounding like strangled gargling.
"That's my girl" he smirked as he carried Mary out into the sunlight. Mary gripped hold of Brynjolf for dear life as the ran as fast as he could. His eyes quickly scanned the area. There was a little line of trees in the distance and he headed straight for that. Once they reach their destination, under the cover of the trees and grass he laid Mary down on a soft patch of grass telling her to relax and that they will find help soon. Just as he stood up and turned to the direction they had come from the beast was hurtling towards them at lightening speed, tilted slightly to the right. Teeth bared and eyes wild. She slowed down as she reached Brynjolf, stopping only a few feet in front of him. He looked at the beast who was now bleeding on various parts of her body. He walked slowly towards her, extending his arm as he went, his eyes searching her bleeding body to find where the blood was coming from. On closer inspection her right thigh was bleeding, a horrendous gash set upon it, it was a jagged wound, one that wouldn't heal properly and leave a nasty scar. She limped a bit closer to him, her left calf looked a bit mangled, her bones looked possibly broken and her left arm had smaller cuts criss crossing up and down her bicep.  He reached up and scratched behind her long pointed ear. Ireth's head nuzzled into his hand.
"Good girl" he spoke lowly. 

She flicked her eyes to Mary and whimpered as she looked at the thin woman draped in the baggy ragged clothes. Her breathing shallow , her chest rising and falling softly and her eyes closed. Ireth leaned down on all fours and sniffed at Mary. She gently licked her face, but Mary didn't flinch, she turned her monstrous head back to Bryn. Her sickly yellow eye looked pleading. 
"Okay lass, find a safe place to outrun your course, I will take her back to the town down there and find help for her. Once I have found help I'll come back for you okay" Brynjolf explained. Ireth nodded slightly and made her way into the thick line of trees. Once she found a nice cosy looking place she laid down and curled up into a ball and closed her eyes waiting for the change to come. Her body relaxed, the dark blonde fur started to retract and find its way back into her skin. Her elongated limbs shrunk and her snout disappeared. The gashes she had sustained had done a number on her health and stamina. She had a huge gash that took up the length of her right thigh, a few gashes to her left arm and a bullet wound to her left calf. She knew the longer she slept the quicker she would heal.

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